Mail-Order Nonbrides?

Ok, so I see all these “eastern european” bride sites. I’m single, and don’t swing that way. Err…Arranged Marriange and all, I’m normal sexual wise :smack: But if I wanted to bring a Russian/Romanian girl over here for a couple years, maybe do a little housework, etc. and then go our seperate ways, how does passports/immigration/etc. work on such issues?

Hire a maid. It’s cheaper and easier.

Um, I think the whole point of the mail order bride thing is so that they can get Visa’s and immigrate.

And dude, your post is seriously creepy.

Creepy :dubious: You shoudl meet my friends. But no, I guess I shoudl have used the term Au Pair, in the literal sense:

Main Entry: au pair
Pronunciation: 'O-'par, -'per
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural au pairs /-'parz, -'perz/
Etymology: French, on even terms
: a usually young foreign person who does domestic work for a family in return for room and board and the opportunity to learn the family’s language

however most people think au pairs are just babysitters.

I think that what you are really looking for is an “au sexpair”. They can be found by looking online for an agency and calling them directly. Make it clear that you are looking for an “au sexpair” instead of a plain “au pair”. Stay away from ones still in high school or any that the agency pushes as a “clearance sale”.

Ah, well that makes it different then. You didn’t tell me that she would be coming into a family. You do have a family, right? You also, I assume, wouldn’t mind a male au pair, since the definition doesn’t say male or female either way?

Guys in western countries get mail order brides in SE Asia as well as E Europe. The deal is that you marry the 3rd world lady in her home country, then apply for her to join you in the US. The US immigration service can’t tell whether the marriage is legit or not - lots of people meet partners overseas. But they are aware of arranged-marriage-for-citizenship scams, and they will interview the lady at length before issuing the visa. If she keeps her story straight, it will eventually be issued. many of these pairings are “genuine” - ie both partners are sincere and not taking part in a scam - but I doubt many of the marriages are happy. Young poor girl plus sad loser guy.

Where did you get this idea from? - As far as I can tell, the OP just wants a bit of non-sexual foreign home help - I can see how the contrast of cultures in such a situation would be highly stimulating (intellectually).

I was mainly kidding but it is a little strange that he specified having a Russian/Romanian girl come over for a couple of years and then “go our seperate ways”. That sounds like relationship talk, not a general solicitation for a housekeeper.