Mailing freebirds?

So, Aggie Dopers out there, I’ve heard about the practice of people buying burritos from Freebirds and then mailing them to friends and/or loved ones in faraway (read: not Texas) places that lack such fine dining.

How exactly does this work? I suddenly find myself interested because I am moving to a border town in Arizona, and will no longer have access to any of the three or four Freebirds restaurants located here in College Station.

I figure this is Cafe Society because it is about food, but since it is also a fairly straightforward question, mods feel free to move this to GQ.

No answer, but I ate at Freebirds for lunch. Monster Spinach. Dark chicken. Good times. :slight_smile:

Dang it, now I’m hungry…

Oh, you meant Texas Aggies.

I thought I’d found my own kind… wanders off dejectedly

Just stick them in an envelope and make sure that you lick the envelope shut. Put two stamps instead of one.

It ain’t the real Freebirds. Terry Gordy passed away some time ago, Michael Hayes works backstage for WWE, and last I heard Buddy Roberts was somewhere up north, possibly Chicago, and in poor health. I don’t consider Jimmy “Jam” Garvin a real Freebird, but he’s working as a pilot these days.

You can fax 'em, but you need some extra software for the salsa.


Heh, OK, I get it now. But seriously, how would someone arrange to ship a burrito to me in Arizona?

If the restaurant doesn’t do it for you, and you plan on having a non-professional do it, I would suggest this site for some helpful tips:

Mail Order Food Safety

short version: pack in foam, use overnight delivery, include a cold source (dry ice or frozen gel packs) and mark “keep refrigerated”

I drove 40 minutes the other day just to go to the Freebirds in the Hulen area of Fort Worth. It was totally worth it.

There’s a few DoubleDave’s locations in FW also. Now we just need a Wings 'N More and my old College Station junk food trifecta will be complete.


Sorry. I just had to say it.