Mailing List Server Down

I see the red mailing list server down message on the front page. What does this mean? I am still getting my emails for subscribed threads. It seems to be working fine. Is there some other part of it that is broken?

I believe it’s for the mailing list that sends out notifications of new Straight Dope columns.

What MsWhatsit said. It’s administered by, whose site is also down.

Ok makes sense. The weird thing is I just realized I can’t remember the last time I received an email notification of an new column. It has to be months. I never unsuscribed to it.

It’s been down for several weeks, seems like.

I keep each column email until the new one arrives. The last one I got is from 10/13, so the mailing has been out for the last 2 mailings.

Like I said it has been months for me. I must have been unsubscribed for some reason. Doesn’t matter, I check it regularly enough that I don’t need a reminder.

Loach, the Joke-A-Day server (when it’s running) removes people from the list if the email bounces. So it’s quite possible you had email refused for some reason – your system saw it as spam, perhaps – and so your address was removed from the mailing.

I can’t get to the server to check as the Joke-A-Day server has been down for a couple of weeks now. Ray’s doing the best he can but there’s no end in sight.

As soon as the server is back up we will resume mailings.

Ok. If I am on the list or not doesn’t matter to me any more since I’m on the site just about everyday. That’s why I didn’t notice that I wasn’t getting them any more. It was important to me in the past when it was impossible for me to get to the site more than occationally. My original question was just because I was confused about the thread subscription emails and the new column reminders. Its been answered.