Maine Governor: These Traffickers (D-Money, Shifty...) Impregnate Young White Girls


Another state government being run down by the corruption and influence of Big Blog.

So Smoothy is giving white Maine women the old jamba juice?
And Gov. Whitey Oldman has just issued this as a suspect for all Maine LEOs to watch out for.

Well, at least that answers the hoary conundrum, “Hey, where are the white women at?!”

And here I thought Skinheads From Maine was supposed to be a parody.

Notice that now that white kids are doing it, it’s an epidemic, but before it was a war. Also, the concern is only for the white people getting hopped up from negroes with their jazz music. Republican really are just fucking horrible people.

Well, really, what choice do they have? Who else would have them?

Fair point, maybe that’s why they’re angry all the time. The blacks are getting all the white women. I love how the governor’s spokesperson said that race was irrelevant to the issue. I wonder who injected race into the issue?


And our dumbass of a governor sticks his foot in his mouth again. I wish they’d hurry up with those impeachment proceedings already!

“First Blowjob,” National Lampoon

In Soviet Maine, horrible people fuck YOU!

All the bullshit about right to life and family values and the GOP is about nothing more than keeping drug crazed negroes away from white women; just like the fucking Klan.

Ha! That’s pretty good!

Apparently it was D-Money, Smoothy, and Shifty who injected race, at least into the White Maine Women.

You are delusional.

Please advise. If that were true, would it in any way make the Governor’s remarks less repulsive?

Well, it’s also about keeping woman as second class citizens. So there’s that.
In better news, the Original D-Money has joined the game. He’s a celebrity party promoter in Las Vegas. He’s also a white guy named Darren Blatt.

Blatt complains that LaPage remarks are, “flippant, incredibly racist, as well as misinformed”. In order to “educate LePage on E-Commerce” and demonstrate his non-hooliganity, Blatt has invited him to attend an upcoming party, with VIP passes and comped hotel rooms. The entertainment for the event will be provided by “two legendary west coast artists, Tha Dogg Pound and E40”.

And that is how you make D-Money.
Story about the invite at TMZ -

Text of the invite -[2]_Redacted.pdf

I always wondered where they got the idea for the “Fill & Go” gas station chain…

Do I work with you? :wink: