Major Grom: Plague Doctor

This is your, “Maverick Irreverent Detective Fights Crime and Corruption when All Others Fail”, movie. So, why bother posting it? The big interest for me is that it is a Russian movie, filmed in St. Petersburg with all Russian actors and in Russian. It was dubbed in English, but all the written stuff is still Russian. Can’t dub that. If you’re interested in foreign films, you should give it a view. Just don’t expect anything deep. LOL

As far as ‘big budget Russian blockbusters’ go, this doesn’t look terrible.

Seen it. It’s your standard “rogue cop takes on evil tech billionaire and random street gangs, aided by an earnest but semi-competent rookie and eventually saving and winning the girl in the end” film. It’s a decent entry to the genre, and the sequel is already conveniently lined up.

Confusingly, despite the title Major Grom is not the Plague Doctor. It’s really Major Grom versus the Plague Doctor.

I watched it a few months ago, and thought it was okay. If you want to see another Russian-made movie in that somewhat science-fiction superhero genre, you might try to find 2009’s Black Lightning. In that one, an evil tech billionaire is opposed by a kid with a flying car.

Oooh! I see there is a 2017 Russian superhero team movie called The Guardians. I’ll be on the lookout for that one next.