Make up a word and create a meaning

Just for fun

I often use The Endrunkening = an event involving drinking

pargenous - pertaining to speech based solely on the moment’s inspiration: “His pargenous monologue persuaded the crowd though there were no facts to back up his ideas.”

Relaxative = usually means booze or beer of some kind in my circle of drunks. But can mean anything relaxing.

Legreeless: An unexpected vacation day.

That sounds like you drink too much and get the runs.

From an old friend of mine, 40+ years ago:

Edibulate - to pick the nose.

I’m not gonna say that doesn’t happen.

Amorculate - to estimate the odds of getting another particular person to go to bed with you

Raskalmikov–A word expressing frustration at the world without using a recognized cuss word.

(made it up years ago and still am using it when required).

Poopourri–Anything that stinks up a room and, by extension, any really really bad thing. "That idea is a load of poopourri.

Rethreadistate, rethreadistating, rethreadistated, the act of reviving dead threads.

Flitwilligen - v. flinging the dirt one extracts from cleaning fingernails.

Asspreciaition, admiring a well rounded butt

Snart – ineffectively clever.

Desnartiflate - the act of deflating the ego of someone being snart

Pulge - to work through a task you really don’t want to do

Yeahbutt. Trying to justify your actions, but coming off sounding like an asshole.

broom-high. Feeling witchy, devilish, mystical.

Posteriology, knowing the weather by the way it affects your butt, lower back, and groin area.

Wait til you’re older, you’ll get it then.