Make up your own "That's Amore" ala the Simpsons.

I recently saw an episode of The Simpsons where the gondola guy sings (from memory, so don’t kill me Simpson acolytes):

When the wife looks like that
And the guy’s big and fat
That’s amoral.

Well, that looked like fun, so I made up some of my own:
Tells the Yankees to bat
Got George Steinbrenner’s back
That’s Joe Torre
The ink’s black and white
Fill the children with fright
That’s Ed Gorey.
The English sword’s Tuck
and they don’t drive no trucks
The drive lorries.

Now you.

When King Kong has gone flat
Rent the flick “Vampire Bat”
That’s some more Wray.

When you swim in the sea
And an eel bites your knee
That’s a moray.

When two patterns entwine
In a way serpentine
That’s a moire.

Bravo! Bravo! Author! Author!

When Canadians dine
And have seconds on wine
That’s “Some more, eh?”

These “amorés”
have been done before, eh?
Now we have more, eh?

Words of Rocky the Squirrel
Were first voiced by this girl
That’s June Foray

When you’re scanning the Dope
For a long-running joke
That’s a 1920s-style death ray

When the moon
hit’s your eye
Like a big pizza pie…

Mmmmmm, pizza…

Huh. I always sing “When you’re swimming real fast/and an eel bites your ass/that’s a moray.”

Great minds/fools/yadda yadda. :smiley:

A young vision quest
Made the '80’s the best
That’s DeMornay…

Heh, I wish I could claim to be the author. I got those out of a Callahan’s Bar story, by Spider Robinson. Well, it was Mary’s Place by then, but much the same in flavor! :smiley:

When your Scotch is just fine
after 16 years time
that’s Glen Moray.

Oh, I like that one!

And mine is, "When you’re swimming in the creek/and an eel bites your cheek/etc…

When… the… top of your knob
Hits the back of her Gob,
Thats a blowjob, thats a blowjob

If I cum in your mouth,
Swallow or spit it out,
its a dil-ema…
dirty plegm-a…

You can always count on me to lower the tone. :frowning:

When a blind Argentine
writes surreal fiction so fine
that’s a Borges!
If he was oppressed by Peron
then got a library of his own
that’s a Jorges!
If your son cries all night
cause he thinks his hair is a fright
that is so-gay
If he shops at soap stores
and knows the whole Wicked score
then he’s more gay…


When the screen turns out bad
so it looks like a plaid–
that’s a moire.

(I like the serpentine one. But this is how it used to be sung to unsuspecting newbies back in the old composing room.)