Make yer own combo!

I remember as kids, whenever we took field trips out of town, for lunch or dinner they would take us to section of street with every fast food chain possible. We would wander around getting the best of each place, and since it was before the value meal stuff, it wasn’t any more expensive.

Well yesterday, in a mini celebration I did it just for the hell of it(and yeah I wasted some cash, but oh well).

#1 The wolfman Combo
Entree: Big Bacon Classic- Wendy’s
Side 1: Onion rings- Burger king
Side 2: Potato Wedges- Arby’s(they even gave me the triple when I only ordered the regular, and the imperial buttload of horsey sauce I asked for)
Drink/Dessert: Strawberry Shake- Sonic.
What’s your fast food combo?

Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
BK chicken strips (with Wendy’s Chipotle dipping sauce)
McD’s fries

Burger King bacon cheeseburger (no onions)
Chik-fil-A waffle fries
Wendy’s caesar side salad
Steak & Shake Dark Chocolate shake


Double Quarter Pounder or McRib - McDonald’s
Fries - Long John Silvers (and, ask for some fish crunchies… love those crunchies!)

and either:
a Jamocha shake and a large sweet tea from Arbys
a large frosty from Wendy’s.

Double stack with cheese, no pickles, Wendys
Deep fried cheese curds, A&W
Potato wedges w/ sour cream, KFC
Crispy Chicken salad with my own 1000 island dressing, Arby’s
Root Beer milkshake, Dairy Queen

Hot dog from Nathans.

Topped with chili from Wendys.

Fries from Cracker Barrel.

Cheescake from The Cheescake Factory.

Assuming we’re eating all restaurant food. Otherwise, I’d say my Key Lime Cheesecake for the desert.