Makeitstop Makeitstop Makeitstop

There is a sound, it could be anything, but it has one distinguishing factor:

It makes you want to run to the source of it and just MAKE IT STOP. MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP.

My sound? The sound of my father eating an apple.

My father, bless his cotton socks, is profoundly deaf. He can’t hear what he sounds like when he’s eating. But I can. Oh god, I can. I turn on loud music. I literally shout “LA LA LA LA LA LA” until it stops. The sound of my father eating an apple can drive me screaming from the room. It’s okay, he doesn’t know I’m screaming.

It’s just… shudder. If I went to hell, that would be the soundtrack. The endless munch-slurp of my father eating an apple.

munch-slurp. munch-slurp. munch-slurp.

What’s your MAKEITSTOP?

Construction paper. You know, that heavy, colored paper kindergarteners use for arts and crafts? I don’t care if you’re folding it, putting a crease in it (especially with your fingernail), rubbing them against one another, or cutting through it, that sound drives me up a WALL!

I can see the apple bit being annoying, but not enough to drive me from the room…

Sometimes I will grind my teeth in such a way that I want to pull them out of my head. It’s a particular combination of sound and feeling that is like nails on a chalkboard.

An infant crying. I’m sorry, but when I hear a baby crying, I just want to run away. I know, lots of parents will think I’m a bad man for this.

The continuous low hum of many modern day appliances.

I would never have a fish tank as that hum would push me over the edge. Or the fish would die because I know I’d unplug it.

I really don’t like aircon (can appreciate it on the rare occasion) I think it’s just a noise to distract you from the heat.

Even fans, it’s got to be real hot before I want it on and I never want it on higher than low.

Noise pollution in our everyday lives seems to be running rampant but no one seems to notice it.

My mom had to have one of her front teeth pulled, and has a bridge type replacement, as the permanent replacement wouldn’t take. On an almost constant basis she will make this slurpy sucky sound and play around with the suction of her partial. It drives me absolutely nuts!

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Something about slurpy noises in general makes me want to scream.

Fingertips rubbing across an inflated balloon.

Or those big chunks of packing styrofoam, like what holds a TV in place in the box, rubbing against each other.

Interestingly, fingernails on a chalkboard doesn’t really bother me.

bare metal against metal. At the restaurant that I worked at back home, the metal can of whipped topping sits in a metal bin full of ice along with the other sundae toppings. Occasionally when the current can is getting empty, someone will put a second can in the bin with the old can. When you pull out one can to use it, they rub together and make the most awful nerve-stabbing grating squeaking eeeevil noise. ::shudder::

I can’t stand to hear people making out. That double smacking sound is even worse than XJETGIRLX’s complaint because it is caused by a twin set of smackers.

Our dryer has a slow dry cycle where it spins for about 30 seconds and then lets out a blood curdling bssssssssssstttttt to signal it’s finished even though it isn’t. Then it starts back up again and repeats. My wife insists on using that cycle sometimes and it has almost cost us our marriage.

I don’t like the sound of police sirens when they are behind you in your vehicle trying to get you to pull over. That noise sucks.

Mouthbreathing. I dated a guy for a number of years who did this, and it would drive me crazy. It didn’t bother me all the time, just in situations involving close quarters for extended periods of time. The worst probably being at the drive-in. His mouthbreathing would be so loud, I could hear it over the speaker hooked to the window. Even the most innocent of films would begin to resemble an obscene phone call.:eek: I never did say anything, what could I say? “Stop breathing!”

My brother will rub the knuckles of one hand under his nose while exhaling, apparently without realizing he does it. He apparently doesn’t realize it because he’ll “inexplicably” have a raw nose and I’ll have been huddled in a chair with my hands over my ears for the past half hour.

Also, televisions that don’t have the volume on (on mute) for a long period of time. There’s this high-pitched keening noise that seems to linger on the faintest edge of my hearing and drives me crazy.

Eminem’s voice. I have never been fond of it. Even before I developed a strong aversion to many of his lyrics I was very much not fond of the sound of his voice.

Now … ooh boy. B doesn’t listen to him much when I’m around, bless her soul.

The sound of utensils or fingernails on ceramics. The sound of people snorkeling their snot (like when they have a cold). And that sound people make when they’re trying to clear the back of their nose through their mouth…aaaggghhh!!!

My girlfriend can’t stand the sound of other people brushing their teeth, or the sound of a metal eating utensil scraping against teeth.

Me, it’s fingernails against a certain weave of fabric. Uggggh. Literally gives me shivers just thinking about that noise.

I have on occasion asked leechboy to stop breathing so loudly or leave the room. Eventually I dragged him off to see a doctor to find out why he had problems breathing through his nose. I’m so glad I did because its helped with his snoring as well - which is my MAKEITSTOP sound. Nothing worse than desperatly needing sleep but being driven from the house by the jackhammer noise in your bed.


oh and cracking knuckles. Please, just refrain.

Anyone chewing with their mouth open. One (of many) factor in breaking up with a guy I was with for 3 years.

Anyone (other than myself) wielding a nail clipper. It doesn’t bother me when I’m using one.

The sound of packing tape being RRRRRRRIPPPPPPPPED from the roll. The receptionist at work uses heavy-duty packing tape on legal-size envelopes (completely unnecessarily) and the sound of her taping up a stack of them drives me absolutely bonkers. Luckily, my recent move to a new office puts me out of earshot – unless, of course, I walk outside my office.

People who do the multi-cracking of bubblegum thingy. You know, chew chew chew SNAP snap snap snap SLUUURP chew chew chew (repeat ad nauseum)

Cardboard coming apart in layers. Even worse when I’m the one doing the tearing.