Makeup advice needed: Demoness bride

I need some advice from makeup experts.

I suppose many of you recall that I build models as a hobby. My current project is a figure of a demoness dressed in a bridal gown and veil, holding a bouquet and accompanied by a little demonic ringbearer.

Her gown will be a pearlescent white and her hair black; and her skin will be a pale lavender, fading into darker lavender-purple mottling near her hairline and on her shoulders and wings.

The question is, what color eyeshadow should she be wearing? And lipstick? (Nothing too exaggerated now; this is her wedding day, and she wants to look nice. On the other hand, she is an aspect of Evil personified. :wink: )

(For lipstick I’m leaning toward a dark blue, but the eyeshadow has me stumped.)

Normal white-skinned humans tend towards red/pink lipstick and blueish eyeshadow.

Since you’ve already selected blue lipstick, it seems red/pink eyeshadow would be the way to go. the color choices are like a photographic negative, the opposite of correct / normal. Which is appropriate for the personification of Evil.

I opened the thread hoping the OP was going to regale us with tales of their friend or relative the Bridezilla with the weird makeup-related problem. Those are always good for a laugh. Oh well.

What colour are her eyes?

Could do an off-white frost eyeshadow, or even a blue/frost that compliments the lipstick. If she’s big enough to do eyeliner, a midnight blue liner, slate lid color and frosted highlight just under the brow. Should look nice with the lavender skin.

A combination of whatever you like from this idea, or this one, or maybe this one. I google image searched “midnight blue smoky eye” if that helps.

Or super dramatic black liner with silver/glitter shadow, like this, if you don’t want too many colors competing. Would look good with blue lipstick.

OK, I’ll stop now.

Probably a solid orange-red glow-y color. (No irises or pupils) Although that could be changed, if there’s some great idea out there that wouldn’t work with orange.

Oh, no, don’t stop! I’m intrigued by the complex blue schemes you posted, although I may not be a good enough painter to pull them off in 1/6th scale. :frowning: