Makeup poisoning? (TMI)

Back when I was performing in a play, I had a do-rag that I wore under my helmet to keep my hair out of my face. The makeup I wore rubbed off on it. When I was done with the play, the do rag sat on my desk, forgotten.

Then the other day I knocked a bottle of beer over, and it fell on the do rag. I picked up the beer, and finished it, despite having a strange taste. That night, I had terrible diarrhea. I was going to the bathroom every 2 hours, until there wasn’t anything left in my digestive tract.

The only thing I can think of was that I ingested some of the makeup residue that was on the do rag and got in contact with the beer bottle. This seems really convoluted, but its the only unusual thing that happened. However, I find it strange that such a small quantity of makeup could make me so sick when this stuff (cream foundation) is worn on people’s faces, around their eyes, their nose, and their mouths.

I wouldn’t think so, Incubus, as most cosmetics are nontoxic [as in, they can’t have any poisonous ingredients that would affect the user under normal circumstances] by law. I believe a study somewhere said that women who regularly use lipstick end up ingesting the equivalent to an entire tube of lip colour over their life. That aside, the possibility of enough makeup getting into your drink to cause any significant ill effects is rather slim.

Of course, IANAD, IANMKNMF [I am not Mary Kay nor Max Factor] etc. etc. etc. etc.