makin' some dough

Need to make about 50000 bucks, got 2.5 years to do it, got about 5000-10000 bucks to start with. Whaddya all think, as to what strategy and whatnot I should use?

You’re talking about turning a 250% profit per year (more or less). The only place I know of that can offer that sort of return would be in real estate speculation. A local politician invested $50K with a real estate developer here about 10-12 years ago and it’s now worth about $750K. But he got lucky.

Pick some good high growth stocks. You could end up losing though. High gain potential = high risk.

For example:

(Disclaimer: This post is neither a solicitation to buy stocks or a recommendation of any particular stock.)

Give it to me.

I’ll get back to you in 2.5 years. . .

With $10K to invest in speculative drilling, you could conceivably take a .5% piece of three different $0.5MM dry hole cost drilling deals, with $2500 spent on a screening consultant to get you in to them. If one hits and produces 5 Bcf of gas within your 2.5 year window, your net will be ((5 Bcf X $5/Mcf (presumed average price of gas)) = $25MM X .75 (presumed Net Revenue Interest) = $1.875MM X .005 (your Working Interest)) = $93,750 minus 20% ($18,750) for operating costs as well as whatever it cost you to finance the completion and pipeline hookup.

You could conceivably do it. You could also do much better if they all hit, or lose all your money if they are all dry holes.

Frankly, if you had walked into my office when I had an exploration consulting firm and laid out your scenario, I would have advised you to forget exploration unless you could afford to lose all of the money. As others are telling you, though, to get that kind of return will require significant risk exposure.

Perhaps later I’ll run the numbers on putting it into taxicabs.

OK, so you have 10k, need about 40k more, in 2.5 years. Working full time gives you 2000 hours a year (with 2 weeks off) or 5000 hours in 2.5 years. So you need to find a job that pays $8 an hour after taxes.

Well, at least you’re not risking anything.

How about … move to Miami, make some friends, fly to Columbia, pick up a package, carry package back to Miami. :dubious:

Given the huge percentage increase you’d like to realize, you must be willing to take huge risks. You’re best bet is to hit the casino and make 5 bets - just get it over with.

Buy options.

Snce this is a matter of opinion rather than fact, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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