Making a mojito without all of that mint leaf trash in it?

The only thing that’s a pain in my butt about making a mojito is shmushing up the mint leaves (and enough of them to properly flavor the drink) and then trying to enjoy the drink without getting a mouthful of mint leaves. Is there something I can use that would impart the mint flavor, and I could save the leaves for a garnish?

I don’t know your recipe for these but mine is some simple syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar) some rum and some club soda. I would suggest that you mash up a whole bunch of mint leaves in with the sugar for the simple syrup and then strain that into your drink. Then use some other mint leaves as garnish.

Alternatively you could use mint extract. I have not tried this and would not be amazed to hear people claim that this makes an inferior drink.

If you put all the ice on top of the mint it strains it somewhat.

Mint extract :stuck_out_tongue:

Option A: After mixing the mojito, run it through a small strainer into another glass.

Option B: Instead of muddling the mint leaves in the glass, put several leaves in one hand, smack 'em real good with your other hand (think of clapping your hands real hard), then dump 'em into the glass. Repeat till you have enough mint in the glass. This will leave the mint in larger pieces.

Option C: Make mint simple syrup. Use a standard recipe for simple syrup, but after you take it off the heat, add a big handful of mint. Leave it in the pot till the syrup cools, then remove.

Option D: Use one of those funky straws designed for yerba mate.

I prefer mojitos (and their cousins, the mint juleps) made with homemade mint syrup (as described above).

Then you can put in a whole sprig of mint and serve it with a straw that’s cut off just over the rim of the glass, so you have your nose in the mint while you’re drinking. It makes a difference.

You want to use entire sprigs of mint, so as to keep the leaves on the stem. That way they don’t float around by themselves so much. Next, you only need to bruise the leaves, so put the sprigs between two heavy objects and just give them a couple of good whacks. Toss the bruised sprigs in the pitcher and that’s it.

One of my friends used to come in and order a mojito just to be an ass. I kept telling him I’m out of mint leaves, but I have mint chewing tobacco, I could spit in it for him.