Making Pina Coladas

I was at the waterpark and the frozen drinks at the bar looked good. The thought occured to me that A) Hot sun, swimming, and liquor don’t mix, and B) They’re probably doable myself for a lot cheaper. So I’d like to make Daiquaris and Margaritas eventually, but thought I’d start with Pina Coladas.

I got some Bacardi Gold, canned pineapple (or would juice be better), and cream of coconut. Throw everything and some ice cubes in the blender? Once I open the cream of coconut do I need to use it in a certain time or refrigerate it, the package doesn’t make it clear.

Maybe this is not the advice you are looking for, but Bacardi makes a frozen concentrate (sold next to the frozen concentrated OJ in the store) for Pina Coladas, Lime Daiquiris and Strawberry Daiquiris, and all you have to do is add ice and rum then turn on the ol’ blender.

Not a huge fan of the strawberry version, but the lime one is pretty good and the Pina Colada mix is really, really tasty…

I had no idea really, I’ve never bought frozen juice.

Sliding in just soon enough to say Don’t…Put the cream of coconut in the refrigerator. I had some for weeks that I hoped would eventually soften again.

Didn’t happen.

I like Pina Coladas but the pineapple juice is a little overwhelming. Add some cream of coconut to Tropical Colada, a V8 Splash Smoothie. It’s mo’ betta and is in the juice aisle.

Personally, I just buy the Premade non-alcohol stuff. Then I add my own alcohol. (The pre ade with alcohol is too weak in my opinion.)

What ever recipe you do try; I’d like to suggest you try at least one drink on the rocks as opposed to frozen.

I’ve found that on the rocks you get a lot more of that coconut flavor. Which is a good thing to my taste buds.

Plus, no brain freeze.

The cream of coconut is shelf stable if unopened. Once you open it, you keep it in the fridge. It tends to separate in the can into more fatty stuff at the top, and more sugary stuff at the bottom. So be aware, if the top looks nearly solid, it’s still ok. You just need to mix it up.

I’ve never used canned pineapple - it’s sweetened. Combined with the cream of coconut, it’s going to be a sugar explosion. Select a ripe fresh pineapple by tugging at the leaves in the center. if they pop off readily, you’re good to go. My local supermarket also sells fresh pineapple already sliced up.

I would crush the ice in the blender first, then add some fruit and puree it, then C/C to taste, then last the booze.

The same amount of cream of coconut and pineapple, a bit less rum and ice. Coco Lopez if you can get it.

Yes, chuck it all in the blender at once, not too much ice so you can add more if needs be.

Or, if you want a lighter version - use coconut water instead of coconut cream. Makes it much easier for the pineapple taste to come through.

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