Making posters

I am responsible for getting some posters made for a community education event (National Depression Screening Day) in October. I thought the local college might be helpful, but nada. So now I am at a bit of a loss. The even is in October, so I have some time.

Ideas, anyone? This needs to be free or low cost. I only need about 5 or so, so I might have to go to town with a sharpie, but I was hoping for something more professional looking.

Are you looking for help with the design of the posters or getting them printed or otherwise produced?

You probably just need access to a plotter; a lot of copy places have them. If you want to use one for free call up the local government agency (Forest Service, BLM, County GIS department). Explain you situation and bring in a PDF of what you need printed.

feckafree, I would like help with both design and production.

sitchensis, what is a plotter? What is county GIS? Bureau of Land Management? This sounds promising, but I am all :confused:

You can get full color posters printed at Costco for pretty cheap. I’d try to find some art student or someone in the organization with artistic talent and ability in something like Illustrator to crank out a full color poster and then get them printed at Costco. What’s your budget?

Costco prices are:

11x14 - $9.99
16x20 - $14.99
20x30 - $24.99

and the prints are photographic quality.

Brynda, do you have access to PowerPoint? If so, there are tons of free templates out there for posters of the academic poster session variety, which could easily be adapted. Some are formatted for those cardboard tri-fold things that every kid uses for the science fair.

As a side note, I will say that I was kind of surprised to discover that PowerPoint has become the default software for academic posters. Talk about forcing a piece of software to do something it was never designed to do!

A plotter is a big ole printer that can print on that glossy poster paper and can do more sizes than just 11X8.5. GIS is probably Geological Information Survey or something. They’re always printing off big maps so they need a big printer.

If I were you, I’d try to round up an art student who can dash something off in PhotoShop quick for 20 bucks and take that PDF to your local copy shop and get whatever posters fit your needs and budget.

Art student was my thought, too, but got a big ole No, thanks from the head of the art department. They even have a graphic arts emphasis! Grrr.

Thanks, everyone. Keep the suggestions coming! And if there are any art students out there… :slight_smile:

Sorry, a plotter is a large printer, the one in my office prints up to 48” in width. Most copy/printing or sign making businesses I’m familiar with have one, and will print you posters for around $20 apiece.

If you need to do this on the cheap and it’s for a good cause I’d start calling around to places that may have access to a plotter. Soliciting for help is a lot easier than soliciting for funds. Architectural firms, government offices that deal with large maps (Nashville planning dept), maybe even the local newspaper.

PM me with the details. I’ll send you a PDF. You’ll take the PDF on a thumb drive to Kinko’s and they’ll show you how to print it on big colored paper.

Put up a “starving artist wanted” sign at Starbucks on the bulletin board. Also Whole Foods, Panera, Borders, any local coffee shops, independent book stores…

Leave a note in your waiting room to see if any of your patients are artists willing to help you raise awareness.

See if your health department has anything already made that you’d be okay with carrying.

Contact these people for a kit which includes posters and flyers to hand out.

Or you could advertise on the Dope for people like me who can make such things and send toy a PDF file for you to print out. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d take this route.

This AMAZES me. To be able to put something like this in your portfolio? Designing the art for a public service campaign that will be seen all over the community? He or she should have the students snapping at this.

WhyNot, I found your link, too. Unfortunately, their materials are expensive. :frowning:

Sigmagirl, my thoughts exactly!!!

Saving the best for last…Thank you, Mr Excellent! You live up to your name. :slight_smile: PMing now.

Hmmm…might want to call Kinko’s for a quote before you make that decision. I don’t think you’re going to come in under $165 for oversized printing of 5 signs, even if the design work is free.