Banner Printer Utility

Well, another day and another proof that my board search cred is in the pits. ISTR that years ago, someone posted a nifty utility program that prints out a banner, but it prints it out in a bunch of letter-size pages that you then put together as one great big banner. I’m in need of that program for making Gantt charts for a classroom activity for four classes. Yes, I could put it online, but that defeats the purpose of having the thing on the wall for everyone in the class to know where they are on their contributions to the class project.

Anyone remember the program, or can suggest a free program that will do this, or even suggest something better for this than a Gantt chart?

Thanks in advance!

As always, stating your OS saves a lot of effort.
Do a Google search for “Poster printing” - there are loads of results.

Oops. Thanks. I’m on a Dell laptop with Windows 10.