Making vinegar from leftover wine - for the first time!

I finally decided to try it! I bought a “home vinegar making kit” including a jar of mother of vinegar, some ph test strips, some cheesecloth and a nice bottle for my finished product. The directions indicated to use a one gallon wide mouth glass jar, and I found a glass sun tea jar at my local supermarket. A few days ago I combined the mother of vinegar, some leftover red wine, a little leftover white wine, and some water as directed, and covered the top of the jar with some cheesecloth (tied with a bit of ribbon), and placed it in a warm corner of my kitchen.

Have any of you ever made vinegar from leftover wine? Any tips for the novice? The directions included with the kit were a bit confusing - for example, despite the incluion of the ph test strips, there was no indication of what correct ph to look for. Also, can I just keep dumping in leftover wine (and water in a 2:1 ratio) or do I have to wait certain intervals? Any advice from the wise Dopers would be appreciated!

There is no such thing as “leftover wine” where I come from.

Agreed. My husband and I easily (and frequently) finish a bottle in an evening. I’ve never had this problem.

But it sounds like a fun project - good luck!

You can turn it?..we just let it sit until it turns. Then we use it for cooking.