Malcolm in the Middle

How old are the characters in the current season? According to tonight’s episode, Dewey is now a teenager.

Well, Malcolm just started HS, so I’d figure he’s 14 or 15. Reese…I’d put him at 16 or 17, and I think Dewey is somewhere between 10-12.
This is guesswork based on Malcolm starting HS. But I know that Reese got his driver’s license last season (?), so it seems about right.

I think Reese is fifteen and Malcolm is fourteen (Reese is a sophmore I think, and Malcolm just entered high school). Frances (sp?) is probably nineteen or twenty. Even though they say Dewey is a teenager, I would guess he is either ten or eleven. These are just guesses, though.

Ahh, here we go

I watched that show for the first time tonight, and D and I were guffawing out loud - what a hoot - Its insane but soooo true!

What Madness sheer madness!