Malcom's a friggin' clip show!

What is the deal with Fox showing clip shows of their best shows lately? Simpsons last week was one, and this week Bart threatened to do a clip show of his internet cartoon. Now Malcom is showing clips.

This does not bode well for the future.

My theory is two fold, both reasons have to do with the impending May sweeps: 1) they are trying to get new viewers by showing the best of their previous episodes. 2) The writers are lazy and they’re getting their stupid clipshows out of the way so they can show the good stuff during the hardcore sweeps weeks

The purpose of clip shows is to spend as little money as possible for low-ratings times.

There was a valid reason: Jane Kaczmarek, the actress who plays Malcolm’s mom, called in sick to production because of (according to her) migraines. There are rumors that it was a way for her to force the show to recognize her value, as she was in the middle of discussions about a pay raise at the time. Here’s an article about it.

Anyway, without her around, they couldn’t produce a new show, so they resorted to clips. What else could they have done?