Simpsons replayed?

I missed the hour and a half special last night, and I was wondering–becuase it was such a big deal, do you think they’ll replay is within a week or so? I’d really like to catch it, as I heard it was fantastic–I’m kicking myself for missing it!

It wasn’t a 90-minute show, it was 3 30-minute shows back-to-back-to-back. Chance of reruns: 100%. Chance of reruns as a 90-minute block: slim.

Well, that’s disappointing that it wasn’t all one show. However, I’ll have to look out for the rereuns. Thanks.

If anyone knows exact dates of replay, I’d be appreciative.

What was up with the previews making it look like it was going to be a Simpsons tribute? I was expecting interviews and stuff but it was just a couple of new (albeit above the recent average) shows.

Considering they have broadcast eleven new shows this season and probably have 10-12 more, figure at least 12-20 weeks if they show them in the original order in the summer.

I’m in the same boat… I had it on tape, but I’m such a bonehead that I taped over it by mistake…