Ya know, it is still 15 minutes till the Simpsons come on in California.

You guys can go ahead and make threads about it, just try to cut down the amount reveali’n that goes on in the thread title. OK?

So I guess we shouldn’t mention the space monkeys?

So beautiful, so fragile…

Raiders game blotted out the Simpsons in the Bay Area.

pout I lost it due to “technical problems”


Spoilers? And the Simpsons??

Yay! They showed it after midnight!

Yeah, heaven forbid we miss “Raider Wrapup” :rolleyes: At least it worked out for me since i would have missed it if it had aired at real time since i stopped by work. But i thought i had until i saw the rerun simpsons on, and wondered why it was on fox and not UPN