Wow tonights Simpsons episode sucked

Wow, did tonights clip show episode of the Simpsons suck. Out of 12? seasons, those are the best clips they could find. The only funny part was when Kang and Kodos said “we have been watching your planet since it was created…5000 years ago…by God!”

Perhaps the most appropriate clip was the brief flash at the end of Homer jumping a shark (a la Arthur Fonzarelli)

Perhaps better in Cafe Society?

True hegel it should go in CS. I do agree that the simpsons episode wasn’t exactly spectacular. Then again my sever hatred for old episodes wrapped up in “new” dressing could potentially bias me.

Moderator’s Note: Definitely better in Cafe Society.

I really did not need to see Agnes Skinner’s panties. Really.

I liked the Simpsons more when the show was more realistic, (not that it was that realistic before). Now the aliens are shown in episodes that aren’t Halloween. I hate to say it, but don’t like Simpsons anymore…

Unless it gets better (to me, I mean if you people don’t agree that’s fine), I wouldn’t care of they axed it.

Hey, lets not get carried away here. It was just a clip show. Fox makes them do clip shows every once in a while. Personally I was glad it was somewhat bizarre and full of other jokes besides the clips. And the song at the end was hilarious!

Just my opinion though

What do they say about clip shows in that song?
Anyway Homer’s reminiscing about his car and then they show him driving a car down the cliff. That wasn’t his car! That was Moe’s car. Homer ‘stole’ it in an insurance scam.

Can I nitpick The Simpsons and not be a nerd?

From a show from an earlier season.

I gotta say…the twice-a-day Simpsons reruns really make me realize how far the show has sunk. I caught the “Bart and Lisa play hockey against each other” episode the other day–sheer brilliance. So many wonderful one-off jokes.

Now the writing’s just awful.

I’ve also noticed that they don’t show episodes of late in sydication. I loathe the Simpsons now, even though I was once a true-blue Simpsons fan. It’s like All in th Family - a great show, but it should of been axed after Mike & Gloria left, or at least after Jean Stapleton (Edith) left, but it just kept going, long after the novelty had worn off.

You must have a kinder affiliate than I do, mademoiselle. Currently, my Fox affiliate is showing the suckiest season of them all. Moe gets a facelift. Maude dies. Homer and Bart have a racehorse. Barney quits drinking. Bart’s future. Long pointless episode that at one point has them in the Everglades. Gah!

Without question the worst episode that I’ve seen; after seeing it, I no longer bothered to catch the show on a regular basis. Gah.

Yeesh harsh crowd-

I was grumbling a bit at the clip show for the first 15 minutes but the second half of the show was good- I loved the song and the shot of Homer jumping the shark ala the Fonz. A pure thumb in the eye to all the internet Comic Book Guys out there. . . .


name of the x-files was jump the shark

We got it three times a day in San Fran, and they are from the heydey episodes, so i am ODing. This episode was a pain, but is the second clip show i remember where they make fun of the clip show. And Kang and Kodos talking about the planet being made 5000 years ago was cool, as was the neato song at the end.

I’m in with the “sucked, but hey, it was a clip show” crowd. It was the lamest of the clip shows. The 184th Episode Spectacular, April Fools Day, and “Behind the Laughter” shows stood on their own much better.

Kang and Kodos were priceless, however. And they were very apologetic, so I’ll forgive them.

I’m jealous. I have no Simpsons in syndication. I can get only about 22 minutes of Simpsons every week. Unless I watch my Season 1 DVD. Sign. Big sign. I used to have 2 a day but then they replaced the second one with “Just Shoot Me” and then they replaced the first one with “Just Shoot Me.” Enormous sigh.

And who can forget the musical episode! Pure comic gold.

I felt the same about the aliens. Have you seen the preview of next week’s episode? It seems that Homer is actually going to mutate into the incredible hulk…