Male Revue Dancing

What parts of a male are you allowed to touch? Abs? Ass? Fruit? Or nowhere?


Need Answer Fast.

It depends (I used to know a dancer). Abs almost certainly, ass very likely, fruit is doubtful. Watch what the others do.

If indeed they are allowed to touch the “fruit” it will be under the g-string, etc.

In a very few case, you cant touch at all. They will let you know.

Obviously it will vary widely but there’s porn sites with plenty of real videos from male strip clubs showing the audience women taking turns giving the dancer guy head. At least, that’s what my friend told me… :smiley:

Them gals is mostly ringers. Mostly. :wink:

Yeah, it could be anywhere from “no touching” to “one dick per hole only.”


Wait, you mean one dick per hand, right? :dubious:

Ahh - so no fondling in the open?

Expand your horizons, man…