Male to female trans and erogenous zones

This question started with an idle thought. Could I date a male to female transexual? I decided, well, if she was funny, liked the stuff I did, and I enjoyed hanging out with her, I think I could. That led to, well, what would sex be like? On a half assed Kinsey scale, I’m very heterosexual. That’s a comfortable place to be, actually, because I’m not phobic about a person with a penis having sex with another person with a penis, but it’s decidedly not my thing.

Anyway, I don’t think I could have sex with a pre-op trans woman, because well, although she hypothetically could be cool as hell, my inborn sexuality kinda insists that my pet monkey is the only monkey in the room, so to speak.

Sooo… hence the question. What would sex with a post op transexual be like? I can’t see how surgery could properly mimic the muscles in an inborn vagina. I mean, would Kegel exercises even be possible? Also, where are the erogenous zones? Seems to me that most of the nerves in the penis would be taken out by the surgery. Also, the prostate has got to be gone right? So can she even orgasm? If I love her, I want her to have fun, you know?

Lastly, let me make this clear that all this is PURELY hypothetical, and just me thinking odd hypothetical thoughts. I try to frequently suggest people have thoughts outside of their strict comfort zones. It makes you smarter, wiser, and a better person.

I think that, in MtF surgery, the glans of the penis is generally used to make a clitoris, so that’ll still be an erogenous zone (and vice-versa in FtM, with the clitoris forming the tip of the penis). At least, if the surgery is done well: it’s probably not all that difficult to accidentally sever some nerves, resulting in decreased sensitivity.

Not speaking from personal experince, but: the sex organs are deconstructed and remade into other sex organs. Sexual response is variable. The prostate stays. As for the muscles/kegels… it sounds like you’re thinking that the vagina might not be tight. The opposite is true, as it requires regular maintenance or training with dilators (that is, dildos) so it doesn’t get and stay too tight and make it painful. I don’t know if that’s just post-op or basically forever.

The hormones change the quality and experience of the orgasm from a male orgasm to a female orgasm, regardless of bottom surgery.

Nope, pretty much never. Removing the prostate is too likely to result in all sorts of problems like incontinence.

Modern practice is (ideally) to preserve as much function and sensation as possible while remodeling a penis/scrotum/male crotch into a vagina/lips/female crotch. I don’t know much more than that and certainly couldn’t go into any sort of detail beyond that.

Hey, even if it wasn’t that would be OK as long as you treat the lady with respect and kindness.

Nah, man. Vaginas have muscles. Basic anatomy. Pelvic floor muscles can clench, that’s what cuts off the urinary tract when a woman, or a man for that matter, is holding urination. But a vagina isn’t really tied to that, is it? The muscles involved there are more tied in to a kinda peristaltic thing. Think childbirth or in this case, sex. And well, really think about it for a second. The clitoris is great, very sensitive, but it ain’t the only thing.

3d animated video of penile inversion surgery, the most common type. It shows how the head of the penis is used to form a clitoris, but the muscles in the area aren’t included in the animation.

Those things are related. This website says that one way to locate the pelvic floor muscles for women is to pretend to tighten your vagina around a tampon: