Orgasms: Which is better... Male or Female?

This thread got me thinking about faking orgasms… a ruse that I just can’t see men having to do. As a man, I can attest that an orgasm is one of the easiest things to achieve (thank og). This line of thought led to the curiosity of what if feels like for a woman. If one could experience both (male and female), over time, which would he/she prefer?

Here are some generalizations off the top of my head: Men’s orgasms tend to come readily and fast. Usually very intense and pleasurable, but very short lived and centralized to the genitalia. Women’s orgasms seem to be harder to achieve, but last longer. They seem to have an effect throughout the whole body, and (from my experience) seem to be more emotional.

From the outside, it looks like women got the better deal… they just have to work a little harder for it. But how can we tell? Where is the objectivity?

The people of West Virginia want to know: Are you ruling out interspecies liaisons?

I’d rather avoid that whole slippery slope, so yes. Goats, Pigs, et. al. are out! :eek:


Only Teiresias knows.

We might find out when the technology makes a direct electronic-neural interface possible.

Well this question was answered a couple thousand years ago by the Greeks. They just went to Hermaphrodite (the child of Hermes and Aphrodite) as s/he is the only one who could really anwer the question.

S/he said female. Which I guess settles it. If you can’t belive a demigod who can you believe?

Although…I’d like to experince ejaculation (and a blow job, and penetration from the other side) at least once, just to see.

Ok I guess there was one other Greek you could go to.

Those Greeks have all the answers! DAMN THEIR ARROGANCE!

And for what it’s worth, I’m not sure I can tell you you wouldn’t be disappointed. For all I know, ejaculation might pale in comparison to a female orgasm. Thank god ignorance is bliss… because from this side, it’s damn good.

I immediately thought of this Dope column.

I suspect they are very close if not exact in feeling.

Does any of this apply to post-op male-to-female transsexuals?

Where are you, Eve?!

I’m not so sure. If not very close in pleasure, i suspect the feeling is different. The anatomy and means are so different from one another, I have to assume that there are different circumstantial sensations involved. Also, a good point was just made that most women can achieve multiple orgasms, and for close to a minute on a really good day. Men just can’t move that much ejaculate. If we could, just think of the mess… although it just might be worth it. :cool:

Orgasm and ejaculation in men doesn’t have to be the same event. And there are men who can be multi-orgasmic or have long single orgasms.

I believe that there are a number of books on that topic, actually.

Well the difference is, from the male side it’s almost always good.

Frenchman walks into a bar, shouts in a disgusted tone, lips curling, nostrils flaring, “Sacre bleu! I just had the worst sex I evair had in my life!”

Guy asks, “How was it?”

“Oh, wonderful!”

I don’t know. I know that transgendered people have brains that in certain areas are similar to those opposite of their chromosomal gender; I’ve no idea if the brain areas involved have a thing to do with orgasms.

Having orgasms, perhaps ? Purely for research purposes, of course.

Well, women can ejaculate too, actually. Sort of.

“Hey, it don’t matter when it’s Arcturian.”

Here’s a non-authoritive link for comparison purposes. Possibly not safe for work, so I’ll break it with spaces…

http: // /forums/ 20208414.htm

When males and females report their orgasmic experiences, their words are nearly identical. Because of this, most Human Sexuality text books will report that male and female orgasms are basically the same with the biggest difference being that females have a greater chance for multiple orgasms (males can have multiple orgasms too although it isn’t as common).

However, I have noticed just from hearing women talk about their orgasmic experiences that females can have different types of orgasms. Some women say that their clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel different from each other. I have also heard some men say that orgasms when their prostates are stimulated are much more intense and different than orgasms when they aren’t.

Furthermore, there was a [study done in the Netherlands](”,,589-1662280,00.html”) last year where they discovered different reactions in the brain.

As for transsexuals, I don’t think that we can use them as accurate measures if male or female orgasms are better. Most male to female transsexuals report having better orgasms after they fully transition, but this could be due to being more comfortable about themselves sexually rather than any physiological difference.

There is no evidence that female orgasms are harder to reach than male ones.

Is it still accepted that there are clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms? I thought that was a Freudian idea that has been thrown out the window, but my sexual book-learning is limited.

My girlfriend says they feel completely different. Maybe biologically speaking or something they are actually the same thing, but for her, they definitely feel different. And I can generally tell the difference (clitoral orgams seem to be shorter, but sometimes more intense, and multiple orgams are infrequent; vaginal orgams usually much longer, often less intense but multiple orgams pretty frequent. Three guesses which my girlfriend prefers :smiley: ).

Not a scientific answer, but another data point to ponder.