Malted Milk Duds

What makes “Malted Milk” malted?

From this page.

Okay, I now know what malt is…

But that doesn’t REALLY answer my question, does it?

I thought you could figure out the adding-the-malt-to-the-milk part all by yourself. Sheesh.

Whoppers are malted milk balls, not duds. You occasionally do run across a dud malted milk ball though. Milk Duds are a totally different candy, it is a chocolate covered ball of caramel.

Heshey’s site says nothing about malt in Milk Duds, however:

MILK DUDS Chocolate Covered Caramels

To actually answer the OP, malted milk is made by adding malt extract to milk. It’s usually freeze-dried after that. Malt, as already noted, is sprouted barley.

Are you asking what malt tastes like? It’s kind of a rich sweetness but you really have to taste it to get the effect. You can get malt powder but I prerfer to use Hershey’s™ malt chocolate syrup to make my chocolate milk. I usually drink skim but malted chocolate milk made with 2% and whipped in a blender is absolute ambrosia.

What makes malt taste yummy is the fact that when the cereal grain starts germinating, it cleaves the long carbohydrate molecules in it, turning them into sugars!

and Malt beer, malt scotch, and malted milks all use malted grains in their production!


I just wanted a straight answer to a question that has been bugging me since 2nd grade.

Thanks for the answers, though.

(P.S.: The reason why the post says “Malted Milk Duds” is “Malted Milk Chocolate” or “Malted Milk Liquor” doesn’t sound as good as “Malted Milk Duds!”)