I’ve always believed that the origin of Milk Duds came from Malted Milk Ball duds. If you eat enough malted milk balls you will eventually encounter a non-crunchy “dud”. They are so good you wish they could make them on purpose and if they tried they would probably be a lot like Milk Duds. Anyway, why would they call them “Milk” duds? A name out of thin air? I don’t care what the Milk Duds site says, I’m sticking to what makes sense to me.

Going with whoosh here, but since you never know; Malted Milk Balls are a crunchy, cookie-like center inside a chocolate shell. Milk Duds are filled with caramel. Interesting theory that a failed Malty Ball can suddenly transmute to caramel from dry cookie, but has anybody actually, you know, asked that question before?

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Verily. But not what I was referring to. The OP was inferring Malty Ball transmutation. Surely this is not a serious subject. On the other hand; Malty balls…mmmmm! Milk Duds…mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!

Never a good plan.

Ooh…come and suck on my chocolate malty balls…put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em

That’s it. Back to Twizzlers.

Is chef related to Pete Schweddy? :wink: