Man burns himself on hearing of son's death in Iraq

Has anyone heard about this? I read something about it in the Bellingham Herald, but I was getting ready to get on a ferry and was rushed.

IIRC, three marines approached a man’s house to inform him that his 20-year-old son had been killed. The man became upset and grabbed a can of gasoline, and maybe a tank of propane, and torched the marines’ vehicle. I think he did it while he was in it. I heard that the government is not going to press charges against the man for damaging a government vehicle.




They should have just let him go. All-over body burns are horrific and his son is dead.

He’s paid enough.

That is one of the saddest things I have ever read.

I have been merrily enjoying “the world as one”, the Olympics. I hadn’t forgotten the rest of the world but it was just nice imagining all this other shit didn’t exisit for a while.

That poor father. I can only imagine how devasted and greif stricken he was, to want to end his own life because of his grief. Multiply that by all the fathers who lost sons yesterday. Where ever in the world they may be. In whatever war they may be in…

It makes watching the Olympics seem like a very stupid thing to be doing.


I feel for the poor guy, but there are bad situations…and then there are ways of making a bad situation a lot worse for everyone. He picked a bad way to show how upset he was.