Man found dead inside a dinosaur statue

A man was found dead inside a statue in Catalonia after he apparently fell in trying to retrieve his cell phone and got trapped.

Now there’s a Darwin Award candidate if ever there was one.

How’d he lose his phone inside a dinosaur statue?

^^^Per the story:

This person got inside the statue’s leg and got trapped. It looks as though he was trying to retrieve a mobile phone, which he’d dropped. It looks like he entered the statue head first and couldn’t get out.

And how did he get in there to fail to retrieve it?

Dinosaur skeleton walks into a bar. And he tells the bartender, I’ll have a bottle of beer and a mop! (I felt compelled to add that. In case you don’t know, people say that I don’t respond to other people’s threads enough.)

Carry on. :slight_smile:

My guess would be that he stuck his phone inside the statue (probably into the mouth) to take a picture of the inside of the statue, and then dropped it.

The most tragic part is that he found the cell phone and tried calling for help. But nobody believed him when he said he had been eaten by a dinosaur.


Authorities aren’t sure. The story is still evolving.

The article says the statue was/is a stegosaurus made of papier-mache. Which gives rise to two separate ideas:

Maybe if he’d peed on it he could have fought his way out of a wet paper bag.

Unfortunately for this guy’s place in posterity, he got stuck inside the leg, not the tail. Had he died in the tail, he’d have been the first known victim of the Thagomizer since the late Thag Simmons some 150M years ago.

Alas, poor Thag.

You appear to have misspelt “wet paper leg”…

Welcome–to Dumbassic Park!

That’s my guess as well, that he was taking a selfie with the phone inside the dinosaur’s mouth, as if the dinosaur were about to eat him or something. Well, I guess it did in a way.

Well, the story says he entered the statue head-first, and from what little I can see of the dinosaur, it appears through the mouth is the only opening available, but the mouth doesn’t seem big enough to accomodate a human body. But it’s really hard to tell without a better sense of scale (though what scale is available makes it seem difficult, at least.)

Because dying while stuck in a chimney has been done to death, right?

“If you ever drop your keys cellphones into a river of molten lava papier-mâché dinosaur, let’em go…because man, they’re gone!”

I like the theory that he stuck his phone in the mouth to take a pic and dropped it. It looks like the neck slopes down, and the phone would end up falling into a hollow front leg.

Then I think there must be a trapdoor in the belly. He went up head-first through the trapdoor then crawled forward toward the front legs, tried to reach into a leg with his arms and got stuck head first.

Something like that would be much more plausible, yes.