Man glued to toilet seat?!


First thought: “So another urban legend finally comes to life.”

Second thought: “There HAS to be more to this, though. Who smeared the glue? Why was the guy sitting down on it? Didn’t I see this in Jackass: The Movie?”

(Yes, I did see Jackass. And I laughed myself sick.)

I used to live in Nederland. This strikes me as “business as usual”. I don’t see how anyone could be stupid enough to believe they’d win any money from this.

Oh. I didn’t read carefully enough. If this happened in the store as opposed to on a toilet seat purchased there, yes, he’ll probably get some do-re-mi.

Why wouldn’t the guy be sitting down on it? I get the distinct impression that this was an incident in their restrooms - not a case of some guy sitting down on a floor model. Sounds like his complaint isn’t that it happened, so much, but that the employees ignored him when he asked for help. If that is indeed what happened, then I can’t say I blame him for suing.

So a heart attack feels like being glued to a toilet. Never knew that…


Missed one crucial word. Thank you.

“A man who sued Home Depot last month claiming a prank left him glued to a toilet seat made a similar allegation about another restroom more than a year ago, an official told a newspaper.”

Maybe it’s his butt that’s sticky, not the seat. :smiley:

So either:

1.) He’s one of the unluckiest guys in the world, having been caught twice by the same stupid stunt in different places. What are the odds? And doesn’t he have a poor learning curve?

2.) Maybe he likes getting stuck in this scenario for some reason.


3.) This is an imaginitive way of suing “big box” stores. Although doing it more than once (when it’s traceable) seems like a bad move.

Well, there are glue incidents, and then there are glue incidents.

mhendo, from your link:

So she glued his genitals (penis, presumably, unless he has an incredibly elastic scrotum) to his stimach and his buttocks together, and wrote something on his back.
Either he’s a really sound sleeper, or he sleeps in a very weird position.

Could do like I do and sleep on his side.

Well, I don’t sleep on his side, of course.

That story would be even funnier if the girlfriend’s first name was Plenty.

The radio just said toilet man is from Bakersfield.

Yay, another claim to fame!

Maybe he confused Fixodent with Preparation H?