[Man in Elmo Costume arrested -- Edited title]

A real shame it’s come to this.

Don’t the Jews run all the hospitals too now? Boy he’s going to be pissed when he finds that out.

How dumb can you get? If you are afraid of or dislike Jews or Judaism, New York is the worst place after Israel, it’s got more Jews than Jerusalem

Mel? Nah, he’ll be okay once they get him on the right drugs.

Are they sure it wasn’t Gitmo?

Who would’ve thought a paranoid schizophrenic wouldn’t have thought all this out more carefully.

I’ve heard that kind is hasty.

OK, I read the article, and nowhere does it say it was Mel Gibson. Is there a link to an article where it does say it is Mel Gibson?

“After having his Elmo head removed, the costumed, middle-aged man was placed into an ambulance…” Jews have no tolerance for Elmos. Off with his head!

Gotta read between the lines.

I do believe the Mel Gibson part was a joke…

I do believe that Mel Gibson is a joke.

Well, I guess that goes with out saying. :smiley:

*All *Elmos terrify me.

Just think, in a decade or two, we will have to have this conversation all over again about his plan to retire to Florida.

I think the Mel Gibson thing was a joke.

I thought it was Tickle Me Elmo, not Circumcise Me, but what do I know.


But the real question is: Was the anti-Semitic rant spoken in the third person?

“Elmo hates the filthy yarmulke wearing sub-apes. Elmo likes his friend Ahmed Ahmadinejad. Do you want to help Elmo destroy Israel?..we can have lots of fun!”
Somehow this sounded really funny in my head and looks really dumb now that I have typed it out…and my fingers feel all dirty. Yuck.

George is gettin’ upset!

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Andy Kaufman was alive and living inside that Elmo suit. Nah, on second thought, Andy wouldn’t go that far for a laugh.

Astro, please use accurate titles for your threads…the one you had previously, about Mel Gibson, was pretty misleading.

I’ve changed the thread title to show what the thread is really about.