Man injured trying to hunt squirrel with bullet taped to BB gun

Yep. Seems like a great idea.

Just tape a .40 cal cartridge to the muzzle of your BB gun. What could possibly go wrong?

I hope the squirrel is OK.

Oh, it gets even better! Our modern-day Daniel Boone “…told police he knew he was not allowed to possess ammunition…” because he is a convicted felon.

Excerpted from: Article 404 - Gainesville Sun - Gainesville, FL

The squirrel’s condition is unknown, but investigators says it appears he lost his nuts in the attack. :smiley:

Witnesses are reported as frightened, but furry and cute.

Wait, what? He thought the BB would just push the bullet ahead of itself on the way out?

It amazes me how some people are able to get food into their mouths enough to reach adulthood.

No, he thought the BB would set of the cartridge and the casing wouldn’t explode. He didn’t take into account the containment aspect of the chamber in a real gun. He also didn’t take into account that he could have just shot the squirrel with the freaking BB gun and probably killed it. Total Darwin Award winner if he had managed to kill himself with this.

It’s clever, in a really stupid sort of way.

I guess some people have Darwined themselves trying to fire a rifle grenade using a regular round. Except these are professionals soldiers…

Are we sure he hasn’t already passed on his genes?

If he has any, his children should be hunted down. Let us hope the hunters avail themselves of better weapons.

It’s such a fine line.

Not that fine.

Yes, just ask David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel. :wink:

How, by taping a bullet onto his dick?

Insert mental image of a condom still in the package, taped to a penis.

Maybe he should have taped a paper towel roll to the end of his muzzle to contain the blast.

Not what they meant by “this is my rifle, this is my gun”.

Sic the squirrels onto them.

I like that line. I’m going to steal it. It reminds me of what people used to tell me when I was in the military: Damn McNally, you’re so smart you’re dumb.

Am I the only one here who foresees a new warning label on crossman and daisy products?

Responders to the scene reported hearing high-pitched laughter.