Man interviews his 12 year old self

Jeremiah McDonald’s conversation with his 12 year old self, 20 years later (YouTube link). Good for a giggle on a Friday afternoon perhaps?

I just saw this. It’s pretty great. The 12 year old kid does a much better job of holding a one sided interview and not just making it a monologue than I would have at 12.

I enjoyed that. Thanks

How awesome! Some of the reactions are clearly not planned 20 years in advance (the Internet?), so kudos to the kid for thinking of “blank” responses and to the adult for editing them in so cleverly.

“Do you still like Dr. Who?” - “…No.”

What proves this isn’t a hoax?

Well, the photo montage at the beginning pretty convincingly shows the younger Jeremiah’s face ageing into the present Jeremiah’s face.

So what else might be hoaxy about it?

That was fantastic.

Seconded. Thanks! Just sent a link to a bunch o’ friends.

Look closely. Flux capacitor was clearly on the fritz.

The photo montage showed me that he’s a kid that always loved being in front of a camera so it wasn’t a stretch to think that a 12 years old kid might have thought this up. Even if it did turn out to be a hoax, it’s not like it carries any journalistic or historical weight. It’s just a youtube video.
I liked that he thought of doing some generic answers, knowing that future him would be able to edit them into whatever questions he wanted to ask himself. Also, I’m guessing he probably also had 20 minutes worth of footage and could pretty easily grab random words.

The toy on the floor was a nice touch.

Even the “Don’t Blink” joke was remarkably prescient, as the whole premise of that episode almost matches what he did. And it’s not many Americans who would’ve liked Doctor Who in 1992.

Except for the ones who watched it on PBS every weekend.

That was cool!

Brilliant! Thanks.

I am assuming that was not a very large number of people.

Enough that I can remember Dr Who paraphernalia available in Michigan back in the 80s. They had conventions, too, and a promotional tour in 1986. Seemed like the damn thing was on PBS constantly for a while and PBS was 2 out of the 8 channels I could watch as a kid. Obviously, Dr Who wasn’t wildly popular in the US like Star Wars was, but I’d guess the number of Americans who liked it in the late 80s and early 90s was in the millions.

Did anyone else go to his website? You can ask him to draw something and he’ll post it (and mail it to you if you want). I really want to ask for a drawing, but I’m drawing (ha!) a blank.