So we've been watching classic Doctor Who with the kids ...

… and in last night’s episode, the 4th Doctor repaired a computer terminal for some primitive villagers.

My fourteen-year-old son: "There you go! Now you can play Zork!"

Wow. Your son is a huge nerd.


My four year old has been building TARDISES and Daleks out of lego all day. This is a two year obessession, so far. The toddler’s walking around saying, “Docta. Docta”.

It’s cute.

I’m Amy, and my two-year-old is Rory, and the four-year old is the eleventh Doctor. Wr’re into NuWho, although my husband has watched the whole forty year run.

I have a mental image of the toddler saying, “WHERE. IS. MY. MOMMY” to a bunch of Cybermen.

When you put them to bed and you flip the switch to make the room dark, do they shout “Hey! Who turned out the lights?” :smiley:

Lemme guess…Face of Evil? The one that introduces Leela?

I love Classic Who. Lots of witty banter :slight_smile:

That is awesome. You should be proud.

I bought this Levitating Tardis and thought it was great fun (it runs on batteries.)