Man, that guy got hit HARD!

We went to a concert last night here in Prague. ‘Lucie’ was playing (think 80’s rock-n-roll hair band with the literary sense of the ‘Spin Doctors’) which is the Czech equivalent of ‘U2’ (been around 20 years, everybody knows and loves em). After the concert ended, we started herding out. Unfortunately the security guards wanted to funnel people to a set of doors on the other side of the arena from where we were at, but someone managed to get a single door open on our side. So thousands of people are all trying to push through a single door, and of course it gets jammed up and we’re all basically stuck.

Well, a drunk guy next to me took offence at being jostled from behind by a guy who was jostled from behind by another guy who was jostled from behind…get the picture? There was little wiggle room there. So drunk guy decides that his honor is being offended and decides to start a fight with the guy behind him, who really isn’t at any fault. Drunk guy’s girlfriend and friends try and stop him, but no, he’s 10 ft. tall and bullet-proof from the beer, so he goes after this guy behind him (who happens to be smaller and a bit sheepish compared to drunk guy’s well-built body and aggressive nature).

First punch is thrown and it knocks the glasses off of the little guy. A little room is created. I think about stepping in, but A) I’m with my wife and her safety is my first concern B) He does have a few friends with him that I have no clue about. So I move my wife to the side just in time to see a guy behind me who A) doesn’t have his wife with him and B) doesn’t care that this guy has friends C) is upset that drunk guy is acting like an ass going after a smaller guy. BAM! One of the most solid right-crosses I’ve ever seen in my life hits this guy right in the face. But wait, that’s not all! There’s a bonus round! The drunk guy got hit so hard he bounced off someone behind him, slips on the floor and somehow manages to do a face-plant right into the concrete. By now there is a small circle around these people and you can see blood all over the place. The hero behind me picks up the little guy’s glasses and hands them back to him and the drunk guy’s friends all start to help their friend get up. The look on EVERYONE’S faces, including his friends, was one of “You stupid idiot. You got what you deserved.” One of his friends looked at the guy who hit him and shrugged his shoulders implying “You did the right thing.”

They managed to get him to his feet. It is amazing how much space you can create in a completely crowded situation when massive amounts of blood are involved. We all parted like the Red Sea to let this guy and his friends out through the one door and to the paramedics.

Today this guy is probably in bed with a broken nose, chipped teeth, a cut forehead and quite possible worse (broken jaw, cracked sinuses). On top of that his girlfriend might be breaking up with him (she looked past the point of disgust, straight to the point of “Why do I put up with this?”).

Normally I think of karma as taking some time to come back around to you. This guy got an instantaneous lesson in it. I’d like to feel sorry for him because he got hurt so bad but that damage could have easily been dealt to the smaller guy if no one had stepped in.


Wow. Awful story.

Good thing that third guy was there to take decisive action - that’s probably the best solution to a situation like this. I follow you completely in wanting to feel sorry for the big guy (sounds like he got hurt more than was neecessary top stop it) but I’m rather leaning to ‘he had it coming’.

Wasn’t it an awful experience? Did it ruin your night out?

Starting a fight over getting jostled at a concert is beyond ridiculous. Why would you go to a concert if something like that’s so deeply offensive? Idiot got what he deserved.

No, it didn’t ruin the night. It was just sad/silly. You couldn’t conjure up feelings of remorse for the guy, and thus we didn’t feel too bad on the way home. And that is what the vibe was all around me. No one was really laughing or taunting him, we all let them get the guy outside to the paramedics and went on our way. Sorta strange really.

What a lovely story. And amusing too. Thank you for sharing this delightful tale - I hope I see somebody hit that hard some day.

Really! That would be something to drink to!

I’ve always wanted to share this story, and Tomcat’s OP gives me the perfect excuse.

I was in Pontiac, MI, watching the Reverend Horton Heat at an outdoor pavillion. The Rev was rocking, the sun was shining, all was right with the world.

There was a mosh pit going, but people were generally behaving themselves. Except for this one guy. You know the guy. The fairly scrawny 22ish dude, wasted on Jagermeister, who goes about the pit with his elbows high, looking to inflict damage on people. Everyone hates this guy. Everyone is glaring at this guy.

Karma was swift that day, coming in the form of a 6’7" body builder type. One pass with the elbows, and the big guy took umbrage. No words were spoken, but the next time that elbow guy came around the pit (going counterclockwise), the right hand of vengeance came out and smote him good. What was priceless is that this wasn’t technically a sucker punch, as I was in a position to see the look of astonishment on elbow guy’s face immediately prior to what can only be described as a total eclipse of the face.

I’d never seen anything hit like that without an automobile being involved. Elbow guy was laid out cold- a one punch knockout. Big guy hit him so hard that elbow guy’s feet made a popping sound, like a whip cracking.

There was a brief pause in the mosh pit, as elbow guy laid on the floor, like a sack of potatoes. Completely unconscious. Then, two guys grabbed his feet, dragged him out of the way, and the pit resumed.

What made it all the better, I think, is that no one said anything. It was just bump WHAM thump drag.

I don’t know what happened to elbow guy, or the extent of his injuries, but I do know that the pit was much calmer after his extraction.


Back in my high school days, my friends and I were playing pool (badly) at a local arcade. We kept seeing this short but built-like-a-muscular-tank biker guy come in, look around like he was sizing up every guy in the place, then skulk back out the front door. He was making us nervous because it looked like he wanted to pick a fight, but he didn’t look all that picky when it came to WHO he wanted to fight.

A short while later, we heard a scuffle and looked at the front door. The built-like-a-tank biker came in with blood pouring from a gash in his head. He went to the bathroom, saw his face in the mirror, and then went on a murderous rampage! The guy who had him him, was a teensy, weensy, skinny, teenager (we’re talking Michael J. Fox in size and demeanor). The little guy was saying “I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry! You okay?”

Tank Man tries to kill him! Little guy looks dismayed, shrugs, then executes the most graceful flying side kick I’ve ever seen! Goodnight Irene! Tank Man crashed through the front doors (luckily he hit them dead center so they flew open, rather than having him go through the galss).

We were leaving by the time the cops arrived. They were sitting on Tank Man trying to handcuff him. Little Guy looked distraught and guilt-ridden – that’s when we heard the cop reassure him “It’s okay, you had no choice. He punched your girlfriend.”

Tank Man was spoiling for a fight but couldn’t find any takers. When Little Guy declined to fight him, he’d punched the Little Guy’s fifteen year old girlfriend. Little Guy was a blackbelt and responded accordingly.