Man wheeling dead wife's body on dolly through Staten Island is charged with murder

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You cannot make this shit up.

Well, we wasn’t exactly *concealing *her.

“That’s what I always liked about your wife, Anthony, she’s quite a dresser.”

Just another case of over-reaching police powers. The article mentioned no evidence that the man killed his wife. Used to be that the police had to fabricate some evidence before they arrested you, now it’s just grab any guy wheeling his dead wife’s body around.

You think?

Off-topic, but when I scroll down, the first photo is of cops milling around at the scene. The second photo is a goat. I realize that this is just the internet version of the sort of news broadcast jump cut that the Simpsons have mocked ("…bubblegum production will resume once the bodies are removed from the machinery. Coming up next, a dog that makes coffee!"), but it still seems a little disrespectful.

I get it too so maybe they’re related stories. Perhaps it started with a
fight over his “mistress”?

Well, he had just watched that Monty Python film and decided to bring out his dead.

What? Too soon? :eek:

There are actual neighborhoods in this world where half naked corpses being wheeled down the street is normal? What type of neighborhood would that be, anyway?

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary on the South Shore. But there’s some really uptight people in Mariner’s Harbor who have their noses in everybody’s business. :frowning:

Even better is the link to a different story inserted in this one:
Highest Grossing Season for Broadway in Recorded History

“Half naked, half dressed,” said Cherise Taylor.
Which are the naked Broadway shows? So I can, um, avoid them.

Sometimes those Weekend at Bernie’s cosplayers take things too far.

One with very affordable housing.