Manafort and Cohen both guilty

Paul Manafort has been found guilty of 8 of 18 charges. A mistrial was declared on the other 10.

Trump tweeted this (poor guy):

In September, Manafort will be on trial again for failing to register as a lobbying and for witness tampering.

Fear not. Manafort shall not bear his shame alone. Michael Cohenhas joined him in the Trump fanboy perp walk club. Today he entered a guilty plea for 8 counts of breaking banking, tax, and campaign finance. Rumor has it that he has not exchanged a plea deal for spilling the beans on Trump, but some details are already floating out.

I can only imagine the rage tweeting to come. Tonight’s rally should be epic.

Good. The guy deserves to fry. He wanted to be in the spotlight, but guess what the spotlight does? It shines a light on all the shady/illegal things you’ve done over the years.

[del]But as much as I like seeing this, I don’t understand your misleading thread title. This trial had, literally, nothing to do with Trump.[/del] That is yet to come.
ETA: Oh, OK. That bit about Cohen. Very interesting. Very not good for el Trumpo!!

*Again *with the emails? oy vey.

[del]TYPO[/del] Brain fart - It should be Cohen. I didn’t mean to provide clickbait. :frowning:

I will ask the mods to change it.

That seemed more like a Freudian slip than a typo.

I disagree. There will be some quality people who would be fine upper level advisors/executives who after today will never put their hat in the ring because of potential skeletons in the closet.

Quite likely. I’ve asked for the update anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

After today?! If it took them until today to think about whether past bad behavior ought to keep them from running for office, then they’re not quality people. If their skeletons are that big, then we don’t want them anyway.


Then get the skeletons out in the open and see if people care. Otherwise, you’re cluttering up the system for people who don’t have bones rattling around in the wardrobe.

Close enough for government work. :smiley:

Except now the ring itself is filling up with skeletons. Everyone’s hat will be going into the closet for now, but eventually somebody will throw his hat on the skeleton and come out of the closet, thus fulfilling the cyclical nature of this badly-mixed but perhaps fascinatingly non-transitive metaphor complex: man beats closet, closet beats skeleton, skeleton beats man, ring… ring… beats me.

Did I miss Cohen being actually charged with a crime?

To me, Trump’s tweets read as if they’re written by a young girl heading into puberty. I remember those days!

If either of these guys serve any time, what kind of prison will they be sent to? A federal white collar prison, with conjugal visits? Or a PMITA prison?

He agreed to a plea deal today.

They will both be fully pardoned by the president by this time next week.

They certainly are junior high-ish. Not very Presidential.

In the Marines that is called Conduct Unbecoming.

That’s just it. Most people like keeping the skeletons in the closet, therefore they will not opt for public service. This will deprive the public of quality people who don’t want skeletons exposed.

If their skeletons are that serious, then they’re not quality people.

History and human nature and arrogance has proven this premise laughably wrong!