Manatee? Or, MAIN-MAN-a-tee? Newslink.

Manatee makes some time with beach babe.

“Yeah, that’s some nice paddleboard ya got there, sweetie; be a shame if somethin happened to it. Know what I mean?”

I was kayaking down a river with manatees last week at Weeki Wachee, but I am not a hot babe so they just swam on by. But at least I got to see them.

Manatees are cool.

My wife and I were kayaking on the Indian River a few years back, and saw this great roiling of the water a little ways in front of us. Turns out, it was a couple of manatees mating. Trust me - when 2,500-odd pounds worth of aquatic mammal decide to get amorous, you don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Well…unless you happen to be a manatee, I suppose.

Galatees are better, especially when wet.

We swam with the manatees a few years ago, and it was amazing. Crystal River Florida is the only place you can that legally.

The proper term is person-atee, thank you.

From the article:

It sounds like her friend was distracted by the wingmanatee.

Man, you can ride my tail anytime!