Manchester Who's Who

I recently received a letter stating I’d ‘recently been appointed as a biographical candidate’ to represent my city in the Manchester Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women. I’m thinking this is really just a way to sell me some giant tome listing the names of similarly gullible people. Is there any real merit to this or is it just a way to make cash off those who wish to see their name in print?

AFAIK it’s “really just a way to sell you some giant tome listing the names of similarly gullible people”.

Does anyone claim otherwise?

Just another money-making scam for people who need the ego-boost of seeing their names in print. Have you ever seen this volume in a professional office? Didn’t think so. I’ve been working in executive positions for the past six years and have never seen such a book, but have, like you, had it pimped to me by a similar organization.

This ranks down there with the ‘genealogy’ books that are sold by similar companies (or perhaps the same companies) that purportedly will show you the location of everyone with the JETGIRL surname. It amounts to no more than a phone book with information gleaned off the internet.