Mandatory profiles in a mixed OS environment.

Does any one know how to have Mandatory profiles in a mixed os environment ?
Clients are XP & NT4.
users need to be able to log onto either type of PC but I wanna give them Mandatory profiles.
I thought about having a generic login for the NT clients as there are only 15 of them and giving access to shared folders etc, but would really like to know how to do this with all desktop Icons etc to be available.
Currently with a mandatory profile users have np’s with using the XP clients.
However, if they logon to a NT client some of the icons are unavailable (grey boxes etc ) due to some software not being NT complient and therefore not installed.
maybe local profile with drive mappings is the only way ? but then they don’t have home directorys etc.

any info greatly appreciated,

I have googled & technet’ed all night and cannot find any info at all, apart from some people asking the same question.

Server is Win2k btw.