Mandatory vaccination

Some countries require as a condition of entry, and the WHO has a list of whether vaccination is recommended for a bunch of diseases, including yellow fever, malaria, poliomyelitis, etc. Is this news to anyone?

And its some bigger things. Supply chains still haven’t evened out - there can still be strange shortages (kitty litter right now, really?). Hospital beds in places with low vaccination rates are still constrained - that means that a vaccinated individual in need of a bed may not have it available. School districts and colleges are operating with plans to be normal - but contingency plans in case things get out of hand. That’s hard on parents and students - and administrations.

On a personal level. I’d like to stop wearing a mask on airlines - but that isn’t about to happen with the current vaccination and transmission rates.

There are people for whom vaccination is not medically advisable. If it weren’t for them I’d be all for letting this be a test of the limits of anti-vaxxer stupidity.
I agree that we should keep things open, maybe requiring masks. And definitely allow companies where people are coming back to require vaccinations.

Exactly. It would be nice if karma worked in a balanced give and take kind of way, but it doesn’t. Sometimes the people that follow the rules get sick or die anyway, and sometimes the a-holes are untouched. That’s life unfortunately.

Indeed, and I suspect that some local and federal officials are hesitant to call for mask guidance and partial shutdowns for the same reason. We just went through a year of armed protests about “Muh freedumz!” Understandably, a lot of people in suits don’t want to go through that again, but it must certainly be considered.

@ThelmaLou thank you Thelma, but I didn’t think this really fits here. This thread is about governments mandating vaccines for individual people.

Banner vs. Deucy is way too political for this thread. Banner isn’t mandating that private citizens be vaccinated to use their services, they are saying that their employees will be vaccinated or show good reason why they aren’t. Deucy is trying to demand that the largest private employer in the state do things his way instead of the way they are running their business country wide.

Politics and the pandemic shouldn’t have ever become one, but now they are and I am really interested in seeing the outcome of this one. Banner has tons of money, there is nothing stopping them from saying “Nope”, closing their hospitals and clinics and leaving the state. We’d be really fucked then. Deucy is a trumper and also throws fits when things aren’t going his way. He also feels free to travel in the middle of shut-downs for important things like his wedding anniversary.

Mods, if I’ve gone too far, please just edit me. I don’t really think I deserve a warning for this one, i haven’t really sworn or attacked Deucy much. I’ll just escort myself back to the P&E thread now…

Sheesh we need to take away one of the excuses by getting the vaccine FDA approved. Let’s also consider renaming it the “Trump Shot”. Maybe that will help pull in some of the unvaccinated.

But will they? And if so, when? When might we see strict and effective rules that will actually cause the vast majority of people to finally get vaccinated?

When might vax be required (with real proof, not a silly piece of cardboard) for most social privileges? Things like flying (int’l AND domestic) staying in a hotel, eating in a restaurant, going to a concert or sports event, attending school. You know, all the things that would anger, but also compel the non-vaxxers to finally get the jab?

Clearly there would be huge resistance to that but at what point will it become so obviously necessary that it finally happens?

And is it legal to bar people from air travel, hotel, restaurant, NFL games, etc. for lack of a vax? For example, is it OK to prevent un-vaxed from entering a NFL stadium in the same way it’s legal to prevent entry if you have glass bottles or large bags?

I’m at the point where I want our state school system to require either a vaccine or a valid doctor’s note–and if it turns out that one doctor is writing a shitload of notes, look real close at that practice. I want to be teaching, unmasked, and I want my kids to be learning, unmasked. We get there by getting everyone vaccinated.

Sure; it’s done all the time. It’s not like this is the first vaccine in history.

I guess it would be wrong if we announced a big anti-vax, anti mask rally, and then darted everyone in the crowd with sharpshooters with vaccine rifles. Sort of like how they tranquilize big game animals to put radio tags on them.

This is why we need a nasal mist.

I have suggested crop dusters to my local officials.

It’s starting to happen in the SF Bay Area.

First, a coalition of 500 bars announced they require vaccine proof for entry:

Next, Another Planet Entertainment, a major concert promoter, announced they will require proof of vaccine for entry to any of their venues:

I will chip in for beer, pizza and wings. The right bait is important when stalking large unintelligent animals.

And where might one acquire “real proof”?

I’m not sure it’s possible right now. By “real proof” I meant something other than they paper cards with handwriting on them that are very easy to forge. “Real proof” would be some system, likely computerized, that conclusively* shows that a person has been vaccinated. It would likely be a phone app of some sort that accesses state health databases.

*expert hackers could probably bypass it but your run-of-the-mill vax-dodger wouldn’t be able to.

In California you can get a QR code which, when scanned, brings up your vaccination record directly from the state’s records. I’ve tried it and it works for me. I think that’s pretty much what you asked for.

Now make it work internationally, and we’ve got progress.

We have the same thing, but the QR code is only useful in Switzerland, and I think we have to carry a paper even to prove our vaccination for EU (Schengen area). Neither of them are useful for flying, because only a negative test is accepted.

Yes, I know that someone who has been vaccinated could stil transmit the virus. That’s why we will be wearing masks indoors for quite some time. But we’re going to need both vaccination and masking, so I’m impatient for more companies and organizations to make vaccines mandatory.