Mandy - Nicolas Cage movie from Panos Cosmatos (open spoilers)


If you have not seen Beyond the Black Rainbow, check it out. Mandy is the better movie, but I really think that Rainbow is underrated. I was only kind of impressed by Rainbow when I saw it, but it lingered with me. It’s pretty impressive.

Mandy: Pano Cosmatos gets Nicolas Cage in his movie and it is apparently all due to Elijah Wood telling Cage to read the script. It was a great decision. Cage shows that while he cashes check after check with crappy movies, he is a great actor and when he has a real talent behind the camera, he is a great gift to movies.

The scene where he loses it in the bathroom is classic Cage. Everything after…

…Mandy’s death is amazing. Cage should be nominated for an Oscar. I assume he will not be, but he was great in this movie. Best movie he has made since Lord of War.

Bill Duke looked thin. Is he ill?
Note: It’s on Amazon Prime.

No one else saw this?

Here is a pretty good review about what makes Mandy a good movie.

I had it on my to-watch list for a year and I recently saw it. It was metal as fuck. Great visual direction.

It was obviously filmed with a digital camera, which gave it a distinct look. Was that meaningful? One other thing I wondered, why the title card mentioning the date as “1983 A.D.” Why mention a specific date at all?

It is set at the same time as Beyond the Black Rainbow and I think just to establish that it isn’t taking place in the present.