Mangetout, I MPSIMS you!

Mangetout himself is conspicuously absent in this thread. Does he even know it’s here?

I bought my daughter two packages of socks called Little Miss Match. Each package comes with three socks that don’t match each other. Or the ones in the other pack–though I’m soooo “Libra” I had to buy two packs so she’d have a total of three pair, whether they matched one another or not.

In this thread I learned about

  1. BMW Nostrils. (Thanks–I’d never noticed before; now they’ll be breathing down my neck! :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The arrow in the Fed Ex logo. NEVER had I noticed this, and probably never would have. It’s like the Jesus optical illusion photo. You see only the logo or the arrow, not both. (Or maybe it’s just me.)

  3. Hi … never mind.

Oh arrow! I read TellMeI’mNotCrazy’s post too quickly and was looking for nostrils in the FedEx logo.

Stupid thing is: I kinda saw nostrils in the FedEx logo.

Now if only I could see the virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich. Now that would be something.

While I’m MPSIMS’ing Mangetout
what’s up with your name? All this time I thought it was French for “omnivore” and I thought your name had a cool edge to it. When I told my cow-orker about this thread, it went something like this…

CW: Mangetout, you mean, like the snow pea?
Me: No, I think it means “omnivore”
CW: I think you’ll find it means “snow pea”

Damn, he was correct. so called because you eat the pod, the peas, everything.

So all this time you’ve been impersonating an omnivore and I discover today that you’re actually a snow pea. What do you have to say for yourself? Huh? 'splain!

Actually, according to your link, the full name is “pois mange-tout” which, in French, means “eat everything pea”. So “mange tout” still means “eat everything”, or … an omnivore. It seems you were correct after all. Your friend was one word away from being correct …

Or it could be “Man, get out!”

Yes! [fist/air pumps x3] In your FACE cow-orker…

Naw, Beemers have kidney beans. Pontiacs have nostrils.

Oh dear lord not the name confustigation again; it’s Mange Tout in the sense of omnivore. yes, there are vegetables with this name, but I am no vegetable; I’m not even green. Neither do I intend to Get Out.

Thanks for this thread; I’m ashamed to admit though, that my lost gloves venture has sort of fallen down a hole; MyBlogSite withdrew their free photo blog service and I have yet to find a suitable alternative; I do have all the photos, comments and location references archived though, so it will be coming back sometime.

I’m glad it made you notice lost gloves; that was actually a big part of the point; they are everywhere, once you turn off the part of the brain that filters them out.

Glad you popped in Mangetout I was beginning to wonder if my silly attempt at a mock pit thread in MPSIMS backfired, giving offence where the opposite was intended.

How big is your collection of photos, MBwise? If it’s not hugnormous I can spare some room on my site, iffen you like. e-mail me if you’re interested.

Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it; I have some webspace of my own though, although I don’t have any server-side stuff to implement any easy online blogging software. I liked Myblogsite because I could post from anywhere; even directly from the camera phone on which I took most of the photos.

I was thinking about setting up a frappr site; that way the finds could be pinned on the map in their proper location.

Cool idea!

Can’t remember which model it was, but in the mid-sixties, there was a Ford station wagon that had taillights that looked like one of my classmates. Everytime I saw one, it was like Elizabeth Can’trememberherlastname was staring back at me. Twice. (I was in about 4th grade.)

Never really noticed BMW nostrils, though. I’m guessing I’ll see them now. Already saw my first lost glove.


Not so fast, pardner.
I am not familiar with your american ‘snow peas’ but over here every supermarket and greengrocer will happily sell you Sugar-Snap Peas, a.k.a Mange tout

This link may not work, and even if it does delivery fees will probably kill you, but here is a sample

I thank you, slaphead, for contributing to my roller-coster of self-esteem. Just why is my self-esteem is pinned on our omnivorous snow pea? Lesser minds have gone mad considering it.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Snowpeas that famous urban legends website?

Omnivorous Snow Peas would be a great name for a rock band.

(Yes, I’ve been reading Dave Barry lately.)

:smack: It took me 3 hours 24 minutes, 8.2 seconds to finally get this.

And the double-arrow in a standard EXIT sign. (Perhaps not quite as obvious.)

In the 60’s and early 70’s that would have been an easy hobby. It must be almost impossible to find on the beach now.

Heh. I love my anal intrigue, but I must admit that I enjoy my wife’s anal envoy’s heated seats.