I’m sorry, but I just can’t help pronouncing Mangetout’s username as “Mawhn-zhay-too”.

You know, because it’s French. :wink:

How do you imagine I’d prefer you pronounced it? Most people get this wrong.

How is one supposed to pronounce it, anyway?

Man Get Out

See the OP.

Like Rocketeer said, except without the ‘ay’ (there’s no accent over the e)

I know enough French to know how it’s pronounced, but I have to confess that in my head I always think “Manj Tout.” It’s my head, I can think what I want in there.

So “mange tout” is wrong?! I feel like such a fool (please don’t hate me).

No kidding!? What’s it mean?

Mange tout is correct, assuming you’re talking about the French for “Eat all”, and not a person who solicits skin diseases.

Okay, now I feel like a fool, because I thought it was really Man Get Out.

Sigh. But maybe I’m a Wise Fool?

Don’t feel bad. As I say, most people who comment on it seem to get it wrong. This will be about the tenth such thread.

…I wonder if I should request a name change - the capitalisation of the first T…

I remember looking it up when I first ran across the name. A variety of pea, non? I’ve always avoided the pronunciation question, though, as I lack the ability to speak French, even fake French.:wink:

Yes, Mangetout is also the name given to a group of pea varieties (so called because you eat the entire pod = eat-all) - AKA Snow Peas in some parts, but distinct from sugar snaps, which have more fleshy, rounded pods.

BTW, I am not actually French, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I have never seen a Doper whose name has been debated as often as Mangetout.

Didn’t even see the ‘man get out’ in there, just ‘Monj Too.’

It’s just nice to be noticed.

Oh, now you’ve done it. I’ve always seen it as you intended, but with that throw away line, you’ve blown it. From here on, you’ll always be a tout for mange, scrofula, impetigo, scrumpox, etc.