Anyone ever read Doper's name as something than what they are?

My examples are:

[li]Ponster – for some reason, I keep reading that as “Porn Star” ;)[/li]
[li]Mangetout – I know how it’s supposed to read, but it always comes across as “mangy trout” and I have no idea why[/li]
[li]Rubystreak – for the longest, I thought this said Rubysteak, which makes me always think of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse[/li]
[li]TubaDiva – I still want to call her “TubaDivER”, like intertubing, which makes it sound like lots of fun[/li]
[li]pulykamell – I’m not really sure how to pronounce it anyway, but it always, for me, comes out as pukeymale and I swear that’s not an insult![/li][/ul]

I know, I know. Hopefully, I’m not the only one. Right? RIGHT?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mangetout I always pronounce as that cool french sounding word for something vegetably I think. (monj toot)

Seeing your post just now made me realize that it could be read as “Man get out”. Are you saying that’s what it should have been all along?

When I first saw it, I read it as “man get out”. I figured “mange tout” didn’t make any sense.

I surmised (incorrectly) the “she” was recently divorced.

I always see spoofe as spooje and vice versa. :stuck_out_tongue:

foiled again.

I think so. Or the other way round (people reading it as ‘man get out’ when they shouldn’t)

There’s a poster living in Ireland who is called ‘jism’. I can’t even recall his real name.

It’s Mange Tout - not actually named after the vegetable (although I do like them), but rather alluding to my gourmandism.


For the longest time I thought mangeorge was mange orge.

You must be tired of explaining that. It seems like I have seen people wonder about the pronunciation a million times.

I was going to post the same thing, PigBoy. Three percent or more of his post count is probably taken up by posts in threads like these.

Nah, he loves it.

That’s the one! By the wya, Lobbers, you’ve got a bunch of responses to your cricket question in CS.

Even though I know better, I read yosemite as if it rhymed with Vegemite.

[li]Rubystreak – for the longest, I thought this said Rubysteak, which makes me always think of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse[/li][/QUOTE]

faithfool: No, you’re not the only one who’s thought that; it’s ironic as hell because I would never eat a ruby steak-- I’m a vegeterian. :smiley:

Hey, a rose by any other name. I’m just glad someone is reading my posts…

I will have to confess to emitting a little sigh this time.

Which is perfectly acceptable if you’re hollering at a Jewish friend. “Yo, Semite!”

I thought Mangetout meant “man, get out” but was always reading as something faux-French like “mahn-ge-toot” and correcting myself. Now that I realize I was wrong about BOTH… :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost missed a perfectly good chance to use ;j