Manhattan Transfer...

I’m listening to the group do “Snowfall”. It’s totally beautiful. Does the group still exist? Are they still recording? God I hope so, they are so exceptional!

The Manhatten Transfer is a brilliant Jazz group that still exists, and has a great many non-holiday CDs available through Amazon.

They are a personal favorite of mine, & a fine way intro to modern Jazz.

Go here–

To find more of their work, including their charming children’s album.

Happy Holidays!

Didn’t even have to search, just typed in

Hope this helps.

this links goes to their fan club

Thanks guys, the link worked well. I do have a couple of their older CD’s (Bop Doo Wopp & The Best of). I’m going to join the fan club. Glad to hear they’re still in busness! The a capella song “Berkeley Square” (Pronounced ‘Barkley’) is fantastic in its voicing and close harmony.

My favorite is the little-played Soldier Of Fortune.

That is a great song…it was a great deal of fun to sing as well. :slight_smile: I spent pretty much all of high school singing Manhattan Transfer songs in an a capella group. Ah, the good ole days :sigh:

But have you heard The Bobs?

A few months ago, I actually hear Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone on the Muzak at Wendy’s. haha

Before that, the only time I’d ever heard a MT song other than on a record was Boy From New York City.