Sing Sing Sing 1938 @ Carneghie Hall...

You can get the whole album ($30) or individual songs at iTunes, including the inomparable, Sing Sing Sing which is in 3 parts. It’ll be $1 per part but it’s worth it!!!

When you’re in iTunes search for Sing Sing Sing 1938. You might have to scroll for part 3, but it’s there.

BTW, the parts come in seamlessly. No burps, no blips.

I’m sure someone will come in to denigrate the remastering, but the noise is gone and I’m happy!!

Twixter, I read your post in my email, but the link to here doesn’t work.

Your listening regimen is boggling! :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge Big Band buff, so you already know a googol more than I do on the subject.

I’ve got the 2 CD set of the entire concert, and I don’t hear any noise even on headphones. The whole concert is awesome.

Another good thing to do is to watch The Benny Goodman Story which ends with the concert. Many of the actual musicians play themselves, including Krupa. Steve Allen plays Benny, but Goodman supplied the music. A bit corny, like all music bios back then, but the music is great.

Heh. I flagged it and asked a mod to make it a separate thread, and poof! it was done.

Is this the video you meant? It appears to be the one from the movie?

Me? No. The DVD I was looking for was Oistrakh playing Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.

The Sing Sing Sing thing is just a wonderful Benny Goodman recording that I love.

I hope you get a chance to hear all three tracks at iTunes. I hope you download 'em and see how track one flows seamlessly into track two which likewise flows seamlessly into three. And the music will knock you out (I hope!!).

Tell you what What Exit?.

You download Sing Sing Sing to your iPod, and if you don’t like it. I’ll send you the $3. you paid.

That is a really nice offer but I can’t accept for two reasons. One, I know I’ll love it. I grew up listening to Swing along with Classic Rock. Swing from my father and Sing Sing Sing is my favorite Swing song. The other reason is I am one of the only people to not have an iPod or MP3 player. Though I do listen to MP3’s on my computers and in my car off CD.

Oddly my son (only 8) has Sing Sing Sing loaded on his little Sansa MP3 player. I was playing the video last night and he mentioned he had it.

I need to mention the availability to my Dad though. He might want it. He was looking for a different (later) concert that he was at in NYC in the early 50s I think. I’ll have to ask him which one and see if iTunes has it yet. Apparently it use to sell on reel-to-reel. He never had it and I never found it on CD when I looked for it for him.