Wow. This is quite a loss. Best wishes, manhattan.

Sad news, indeed. :frowning:

Good luck, manhattan. You’re a great moderator.

Bye bye, manny. Your wit and wisdom will be sadly missed. :frowning:

Oh no! Best of luck to you and come back soon.

Great name for a messageboard… manhattan

Sadly, if I were to apply the same logic, calling myself Southport simply doesn’t have the same panache.

Thank you manhattan. Those of us who were not banned appreciate the time and effort you put into your moderation. Well, you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

Aww… Manny’s been a staple of the SDMB for as long as I can remember. It just won’t be the same loading up the front page and seeing his name glaring down on all the little people that may (or may not) want to screw around in GQ. It’s like Disneyland without the teacups.

May the road rise up to meet you, Manny.

There’s always a beer waiting for you in Amsterdam. Happy trails!

I am sick and tired of these real lives interfering with the smooth running of this board!

manhattan did an awesome job, kicking ass aplenty.

Moderating an extremely busy bulletin board like this one has to consume almost as much time as a full time job, even when you’ve got others helping out with the load. Thanks for your hard work, and for helping make the SDMB what it is.

Hope you stay around!


Fare thee well, dear friend. When the road rises up to meet you, may it not bruise your eyebrows. May the wind at your back not be your own. ::thumps chest twice, points two fingers to Manhattan::

Wow, what a sad surprise.

Good luck, Manhattan. I’ve always liked they way you handle things around here.

Isn’t this thread in the wrong forum?

Can a moderator please sort this Zotti guy out? Manhattan! Cleanup on aisle 3!

Only joking. Cheers Banhattan!

:smiley: I can see Manny now…full of beer, maybe a little too happy on the trail and the road suddenly smacks him in the face.

So, Coldie is this how you wish a friend well? passed out in the street :wink:
Take care Manhattan

Allright Unca Cece your turn…

Best of luck, manhattan.

I’ll miss ya manhattan. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for all of your tireless, mostly thankless service towards helping keep this place running smoothly. I’m glad you’ll still be around as a poster.

Enjoy the free time and the beverages. Cheers for the hard work (and bugger me, GQ would be HARD hard work).

Take care, friend.