manhattan, GQ moderator for lo these many years, is resigning. As some of you know, manny IRL manages billions of dollars of other people’s money (no shit), and why he’s been hanging around here all this time doing a job that involves maxissimo grief and no cash is a mystery to us. Nonetheless we are grateful for his efforts, will miss his mordant wit, and can only say that the fact that he won’t be patrolling GQ any more better not give anybody any ideas. Manny will continue to participate on the SDMB, post the occasional Staff Report, and accept any drinks or other favors you may wish to bestow on him at SD gatherings, although if you were thinking it would do you any good it’s a little late now. Our best wishes to manny and if he’s looking for someplace to invest some spare assets, all we can say is we asked first.

Thanks for the mannyries!

Bye manny!!! I hope you continue posting here. Take care, buddy.

**Manny **happy returns!

Damn! And I just now figured out how to spell his name.

Some of my favorite Mod quotes came from from Banhattan.

I am the f**king hall monitor!”

Gonna miss ya…
am I gonna get my deposit back, then? I sent it to the SDMB in care of him, as per his instructions…

Manny, this give you more goof off time with the rest of us! Screw those people’s money. They’d’ve just wasted it if they had to handle it.

NOOO!!! Banfire doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Best of luck Banny.

First Euty, now Manny. :frowning:

Well, I’ve still got Gaudere to admire. Oh, and Lou. But Gaudere is cuter.

It was the “Too ugly for Yoga” thread, wasn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hardly know you, but I wish you success in your other areas.

Gosh, I’m going to miss your no nonsense retorts to the masses of unruley posters. You will stick around though right? If for nothing else then to throw off some perfectly timed quips. Good luck with whatever you end up doing.

Thanks, Manhattan! GQ will now be a different place. You will be missed.

well, that just runed my night. so long manny!

Best of luck with your future endeavors, my friend.

Thank you for you service, and good luck to you, sir…

I’d wish Manhattan success in his outside ventures, but if he’s already handling billions of dollars I guess it’s covered.

Thanks manhattan. Your tireless badgering of GQ miscreants will be missed, as will your occasional utterance of pitworthy diatribe.


Thanks mannhattan. I didn’t post much here, but I always enjoyed reading your posts as you closed threads.

Cheers man. I enjoyed your moderation style.
Thanks for all your effort here, it was (and whatever contributions you make in future will continue to be) appreciated.


Bye, Manny…::sniff::