Is manhattan getting grouchy(er)?

The moderator, not the borough.

Unless you’re looking for an official statement by the administration as to what they conceive Manny’s frame of mind to be, this sounds to me very much like criticism, albeit gentle in nature, of a staff member, and as such should be in the Pit, not ATMB.

::: gently removes Junior Mod hat ::: :slight_smile:

I guess I don’t understand the role of ATMB. I thought posts were open to comment from staff and members. But I do see your point. Not the pit, though. I’m not being negative. Maybe I’m overly sensitive to terms like “knocking some heads” Maybe IMHO?

IMHO, talking about “knocking some heads” does not a grouchy Mod make. Especially considering a lot of the stuff that goes on around here, and some of the outlaw type behaviour that’s been happening in GQ, of all places. Good on him, I say.

Off to the Pit.

DrMatrix - Moderator

It’s not just happening in GQ, Ice_Wolf. It’s also going on in Comment on Cecil’s Columns, of all places. And in a thread in which Cecil himself posted.

Seeing as this is now in the pit, here’s a link to Manhattan’s GQ post: A note on politics in GQ.

Doesn’t sound too grouchy to me.

Here is an example of a thread he recently closed.

If I hadn’t of egged him on I’d swear he closed the thread just so he wouldn’t have to provide me with a cite.

Everything looks normal to me. Now, if he had said “fucking” more than once when closing a thread and threatening banishment, I would call that a sign of grouchiness. As it is, everything looks fine. :wink:
*I deleted the users name from that quote, as they may not want to be associated with this thread

You think this is Manny being grouchy?

… you obviously haven’t been around here very long.

And, I agree, it’s a little peculiar that threads commenting on Moderator behaviour and administrative stuff should go in the Pit, when they needn’t be blasting. The logic was that (a) we didn’t want a separate forum for such complaints or comments; and (b) we wanted people to be free to express themselves on the topic without the constraints that the other forums have. Hence, by process of elimination… The ATMB was intended to be more the technical stuff rather than comments on the rules enforcement.

Sorry, AcidKid I can’t resist. From the thread you linked to:

I certainly hope so. There’s a lot of people in GQ that need to be shown the door.

I could go into details, but really, anyone who reads GQ regularly knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I follow GQ probably more than any other forum. Considering what Manny has to deal with over there, on a daily basis, I’m surprised he doesn’t meltdown on a weekly basis.

I was yelled at by Manny a few years ago. I probably deserved it; but if anything, I’d say he’s less grouchy nowadays, when he should be more so. He has a thankless job over there.

I would like to officially nominate manhattan as Moderator of the Quarter. Prizes include a $100.00 gift certificate for the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond, and a cyber parking spot next to The Perfect Master™. Oh, and he gets a little gold star next to his name.:smiley:

Hoo boy, Chandeleur. You and mangeorge are probably both in big trouble with Coldfire.

mangeorge is boosting manhattan’s pit post count, and you’re saying that it’s despite a less grouchy attitude. Watch your ass.

Oh boy!! A thread starts about Manhattan being grouchy (a very mild rant) and it turns into a “lets totally kiss this mods ass” thread. The latter being far more repulsive.

Just because one is a moderator does not mean he should freely practise what he warns others is against the rules.

I have been warned when I start cussing in non-pit threads to take that kind of language to the pit. I don’t have a problem with that, I get the message.

I certainly do not call people “stupid” in GQ (a VERY popular word for Manhattan). If I did, I would be warned. Even if justified, a moderator is supposed to maintain a more professional manner in his job. Even if it is volunteer work.

There may be a “good cop, bad cop” thing going on. With Manhattan being the bad cop. I digress.

Oh yes. kissing the Mods asses is more repulsive than complaining about them.

Back to the OP please!

Yes to the moderator, but also yes to the borough.

No, I don’t think so. Manny remains the same.

So what’s your goal here - turn it into the typical “Mods suck because they don’t have the same Rules as us peons!” thread?

The Moderators DO have different Rules. The sooner you come to grips with that, the happier you’ll be in life.

Out of curiosity - have you ever tried being a Moderator of a large Board? Know anything at all of what it’s like? Please provide a link to the board, or some examples of your administrative actions, if so.

Sounds like you’re a smart guy and a good poster then.

It depends. Sometimes the tone of a Board is set above and beyond the Staff by the “owner”, or the “Source” (or the “First”, to use a Buffy term). See Cecil and his attitude in his columns? It certainly lays down the groundwork for snarky answers, mild flames, and exasperated “Oh, do shut up!” 's.

Then leave. I mean this with no rancour or snideness. Why stay if it bothers you so much? Why introduce pain into your life by staying here?

With sycophancy like this who needs thanks?

Lighten up, Francis. Me thinks you take this board too seriously.

Sometimes I gotta look up the $3.00 words, like “sycophany”.

Note to self: Any talk of a mod that isn’t a rant, or uses phases such a “goat felcher” or “asshat”, constitutes “ass-kissing” or “sycophany”. Got it.

On the whole, your posts only get 1: :rolleyes: